Zambia Is Learning A Lot!

This week the teens commenced in their daily training classes.  They practiced various drama sketches to include the “Colors” skit Zambia TEamand “Because I Want To Be Loved”.  In music they learned songs that are particularly appealing to kids. They’re also building on their construction abilities, learning how to mix concrete (without a mixer, using only flat shovels and their own strength) and layout a level and accurate building foundation.  Furthermore, the team enjoyed working with puppets and balloon animals, learning how to properly perform with a puppet and some choreography that enhances the various puppet performances. They continue to grow closer at a team, and work together joyfully, whether singing in unison or completing an arduous task. The team was shocked to receive the “Piggy Award,” on Tuesday.  But they did not let it affect their positive attitudes. They cleaned the bathrooms and wore their “piggy” signs with a smile. That day, Wednesday, the Zambia team leaders once again were called to the stage during the “Piggy Award” announcement.  This time the team walked away with the Clean Award. The team was thoroughly excited, especially Katherine Sharp, who now gets to swim alongside her team in the pool on her 13th Birthday.  We are now approaching the end of Week One.  Week Two is packed with classes, special tours (to include the Tabernacle).  The training will include both the evangelism training and their specialty class training in medical, eyeglass, and Sunday School ministries (games, stories, etc. for the Zambian children).  The team is excited to learn these new abilities, as it is essential to our mission in Zambia.
“Boot Camp broke me the first day I walked in the camp, but not in ways one would expect.  It broke me because it was hard, yes/ but it mostly broke me because I realized for the first time that God loved me so deeply and He cared enough to bring me here.  This really is a wonderful place, and there’s no other place I would rather be.  He broke my stubbornness and selfishness down and filled me with His love and grace.”
Stephanie Pohl
“Hello my name is Katherine Sharp, and I am 13 years old.  When I arrived at Boot Camp it was three in the morning…so I thought nothing of what I saw, but the next day hit me as hard as a brick wall.  It was hot and overwhelming, the day seemed hazy and I can barely remember what happened the first day except that it was pretty much unbearable.  The second day was much the same, except that I can remember every tiring moment, especially the first run of the Obstacle Course.  As the next three days went by, life started to fall into a rhythm.  We started our classes, and got used to the lectures.  The rally that ends the day uplifts everyone’sspirit, so that in the morning we all have a good and joyful attitude.  God seems to lift everyone just before they hit the ground and quit, it’s truly amazing to watch and experience.” -Katherine Shar
“Now that I’m an FTM (Former Team Member), boot camp is easier than last year.  Last year I thought boot camp was the worst place on Earth.  Now it is a lot easier and I have a better attitude towards it.  Which is allowing God to teach me more things like obedience and being less self-centered.” –Daymian Green
“The Lord has really been working in my heart this boot camp.  At first, I really struggled with the obstacle course and finding the strength to complete it.   But God has shown me, through these struggles, how his power is perfected in my weakness.  He continues to give me strength.” -Wynter Hilbun
“Now that I am a FTM (Former Team Member) returning to boot camp, my experience has changed since my last trip.  Two years ago, when I was 13, I went to Ireland, I loved my trip and boot camp.  This year I sat up in my tent the first night I was sweating and hating myself for coming back.  But boot camp continues and slowly improves.  I do not know yet if I will return a third time but boot camp is what I describe as slow, dirty, and Godly.” -Michael Timmons
“Boot camp is starting to get better and better as the Zambia team learns to work together.  We have been enjoying our classes and are getting better at drama and music.  My favourite class is FTM (Former Team Member) class as we learn about discipleship and what a true disciple of Jesus is.” –Rose Williams

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