The Adventures Of The Guatemala Team

Progress through training at The Lord’s Boot Camp continues on smoothly. The team has had a little rest from the Obstacle 14005 Guatemala TeamCourse today – they had KP – and yesterday they ran a different OC – the World Map – which does not get feet wet, so it has been good for them all. From last Thursday through yesterday afternoon, we have had afternoon thunderstorms and sometimes heavy rain. Today, as of this writing (10:37 am) it is sunny, less humid and we are hopeful that any inclement weather will stay west of us as predicated. Each evening, during the invitation at the rally, different team members continue to respond to the Lord by going forward. They are all dealing with different issues, but it is very encouraging to see that the kids are responsive to the Holy Spirit. This team continues to be, for the  most part, quite unified, and they do well together at whatever task is before them. All seem to really enjoy the rally every evening – the praise and worship time, the awards time, and yes, the message as well as evidenced by the responses we are seeing. Saturday night, we saw the Teen Missions movie “First Step” and popcorn was served – I think I can safely say THAT was enjoyed by all. Goals and future plans for this week include finishing up our Boot Camp training, Missions Conference, and packing for and traveling to Guatemala after Commissioning this next Sunday.
Hannah Summy: “Hey! Here we are, eight days until Commissioning, and I must admit I’m excited. No, I’m not eager to leave. Boot Camp is difficult, and I miss ice cold water, but it’s also great in that we are able to be surrounding by Christians with a singular purpose of serving God on the mission field. The mission field, that is why I’m excited. I simply cannot wait to put to good use all that we have learned, the meet the people of Guatemala whom I hope to share with the same God that brought me here.”
Hannah Redmond: “The first few days of Boot Camp were a real struggle for me, but now my relationship with God has grown so much & I have learned a ton. I love the discipleship classes I’ve taken here & I am so excited to get to Guatemala to get to build an orphanage and spend time with the kids.”
Ethan Seevers: “I’m having a great time. I love seeing the Lord work through our team. I can’t wait to see what else the Lord does.”
Morgan McGowan: ” I love Boot Camp. Or team is amazing and we’re all getting to know each other really well. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use us in Guatemala.”
Hannah Ferguson: “Boot Camp has been really hard for me but it has been a good experience. The hard times are making my faith stronger and helping me learn to rely on God more and more. I’m so excited to see who God uses my team and me in Guatemala!”
Meghan Carman: “I had a really hard time at Boot Camp the first few days, but now I’m having a great time. My favorite pat of the day is the OC. I really love my team and am really excited to see what God has in store for us in Guatemala.”
Jordan Rhoades: “Boot Camp is an interesting experience so far. I’m growing to love this place, my team mates are awesome!!”
Courtlyn W.: “Boot Camp is definitely much harder than I expected, but I know it will totally be worth it. I love all my team mates and can’t wait until we reach Guatemala! I know God’s got big plans and I’m so excited to see what they are.”
Kevin DeTommaso: “The food is good. OC is awesome. I had so many SBs. I’m ok with it though.”
Aly Nothum: “The first night I was in the Boot Camp I thought ‘what am I getting myself into, I want to go back home’. But after three days of Boot Camp I loved being here. Even if I have to wake up up at 5:30am, have five minutes to get ready, wear the same clothes for couple days and smell really bad, take bath and do laundry in the bucket, I loved being here. My team is awesome and I became friends with lots of them.  My favorite part in the Boot Camp is Obstcle Course and rally. I also like couple classes for example: drama and Motorcycle Sunday School. I wouldn’t trade the two weeks of Boot Camp for anything, I know it’s crazy, but I love being here. I also heard here at the Lord’s Boot Camp the best testimony ever how a Muslim became a Christian. It think its worth it to come here, in face, its not for you or for others its for God. I’m excited at the thought that I’m going to serve the Lord in Guatemala.”
Chase Osborne: “It has been really nice to get to know all of the people on my team. Already in the first couple of days my life has changed dramatically. I really feel like the Lord is calling me to do mission work and this will be great experience.”
Levi Smith: “I absolutely love Boot Camp. It has been downright difficult at times, but the life skills and spiritual growth far outweigh any difficulties. I was a little bit apprehensive about having such a big team (26 members), but God has allowed us to develop a special bond with each of the team members. I am very much looking forward to the rest of this summer, and cannot wait to see how He will use this experience at TMI in my life.”



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