Australia At Boot Camp

We have officially entered into our second week of training here at The Lord’s Boot Camp!  Over the weekend our team

Australia and Cambodia Team

Australia and Cambodia Team

continued to train for the mission field.  They went through their first drama class, where they learned to lay aside their inhibitions and put on a stellar performance. We can’t wait to see their newfound passion for drama to be put to use in Australia!  We also attended our first Boot Camp church service where we worshipped together, prayed together and delved into the Word of God together. We praise the Lord that there haven’t been any serious illnesses or injuries on the team and that everyone is staying hydrated (it can truly be a challenge convincing teenagers that they need water in order to survive).  Though they are slow-moving at times. This team is working hard to pick up the skills they’ll need for the field.  They continue to grow together in leaps and bounds, and in just one short week have already begun to love one another like family. Pray with us that we will stay a unified, loving, hard-working team as we draw closer to the end of training.

“Boot Camp has been interesting. My team is really great and we have so much fun together! The rain feels nice even though everyone’s tents get wet.  Overall Boot Camp isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m having fun and learning something new every day.” – Rachael Brizes
“My experience at Boot Camp was quite challenging at first, but once I started to learn the routine the days got easier. My team, we all cooperate and get along very well. There’s nothing more exciting then knowing that we’re here to serve God.” – Chance Tullis



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