The Cambodia Team Is Doing Well Riding The Motorcycles

14002 Cambodia TeamWell, we are on our ninth day at Boot Camp. We have received five days of phonics and music training in the morning.  This is to prepare us to teach phonics and sing with the kids during our Sunday school ministry in Cambodia. The team really was focused during these training periods. In the afternoons we practice two hours each day riding on our motorcycles.  We had some tough days as some of the team members struggled with letting out the clutch and applying the gas at an equal speed. If this is not done correctly, the bike will stop running.  By Wednesday, all of them were doing great in this area. On Thursday, our training moved to riding through corners and sand, figures eights, riding through a course with streets, and stop and goes on hills.  By Friday, they all were preforming most of these task with consistency.  We had a few small crashes and tip overs into our tire courses. This produced some laughter and determination by each team members to do better.  The team has attend nightly rally’s for a fun time under the “Big Top”.  There is singing and reporting on the day activities at BC. The team has won the clean award several times with perfect scores of 100!!  We also won the Obstacle Course one of the days!!
“Teen Missions is the worst and best thing that will happen to you. The worst is the first three days and the fifth or sixth day. The first three days are bad because you’re in what I call the ‘mope’ period. These people, who you don’t know, are telling you to walk faster at 5 am, and then telling you when, where, and how to do everything! They take you away from the World, and as a spoiled American child, I think I speak for all, we don’t like that at all! But then it gets a little better and you start to get the hang of it.  But then the 5th day comes and all the other days catch up with you. The next thing you know you are falling asleep in all your classes…and then the Obstacle Course is harder than ever.  After the 6th day, it gets easier and you realize the seclusion from the World is nice. You don’t want to leave and face the real World. But like Philippians 4:13 says, “I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.” –Alayna Culp




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  1. Thomas Staub Sr.

    We are praying for you and your team. I remember the early day of Teen Missions ’76 the mud was the worst and the slough was new to everyone but its the wall that brings you together as a team. Good luck

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