The China Team Continues To Grow

With Boot Camp being “Boot Camp”, we have almost the same schedule every day. “Rise and shine China, it’s time to wake 14003 China Teamup! You have five minutes to be out of your tent with your boots fully laced,” some of the first words to be said every morning at 5:30am. It about a 5 to 8 minute walk from our campsite to Rapture Report where we check in our team and line up to run the Obstacle Course. Some kids hate it and some kids love it. All in all, it’s about building teamwork, not about being the best; our team is learning this and positively progressing everyday. After the OC, there is breakfast, devotions and then Bible hour. From 9:00am to 5:00pm, classes start for the team members. In these classes the teens learn how to minister and work hard. Many of the teens learn basic carpentry and block laying skills, as well as, how to preform skits, music and present puppets. We recently had a tour of the life-size Tabernacle, which TMI has built. Is was awesome to learn about the details of the Tabernacle. We have made it a week, Yay! We are a week away from commissioning night and everyone excited about leaving for China! God has really done some amazing things throughout our team. I am very proud of my team and how they have learn to work together and be thankful.
“Roughing it is tough at first, but fun once you get use to it. Boot Camp will make you appreciate conveniences like showers and washing machines in a way you never have before!” – Laurel Jones
“This time, my second round of Boot Camp, I thought I was completely prepared, and wasn’t expecting to be confronted with new lessons. I was thankfully wrong. Our rally times have taught me to renew my energy and joy. Our Obstacle Course has taught me to preserve and endure in the hard times. I am so excited to keep learning everyday!”- Amanda Milley
“I learned this week that optimism is the key to Boot Camp. If you think good thoughts; the days will be easier and more fun. Optimism has helped me make this trip fun.”- Andrew Boger
“Boot Camp is hot and humid! It rains a lot and all our stuff gets wet. There is no ice, but we all have fun!”- Danny Hillman
“I can’t even describe to you how much I missed this place. Being a former team member, I expected this Boot Camp to run more smoothly then last years, and I was right. My second year at Teen Missions hasn’t been easy, but definitely easier! My schedule is awesome, my teammates make every task better. Knowing that all work, classes and time are strictly devoted to bringing glory to God makes everything worth the while. I even don’t mind serving my “special blessings.” Boot Camp has been amazing and so worth the smell.” – Liz Coleman
“Hello from Boot Camp! While Boot Camp is undeniably difficult, there is much to be learned in two weeks. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is the value of the team. Anyone can reap about how it is not good for man to be alone, but at boot camp it isn’t an option. The team relies on each other and truly need each other.” – Clara Raske
“Well, my name is Anthony and I was a team member during 2012, and now this year I’m on the China team. What I found through this year is to be ready for anything. Many things happened this time around. For example, losing my name tag and being blessed by not having to serve my special blessing because it was too early! I got to say Teen Missions is a bucket full of random, and I just have to be ready for anything.” – Anthony Franco
“As a former team member, Boot Camp has been different. I thought I could predict everything that was going to happen. God showed me that I was wrong. My competitive side would take control on the Obstacle Course, and I would become harsh to the team. I felt like I was failing as a team member. but God was teaching me patients and humility.” – Wesley Walton



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  1. Rebecca Cablish

    (加油 jiāyóu!)
    Jia you, China team! (means “add oil”, a way to encourage people to keep on) As an FTM who went through 3 boot camps, who lived in China for 6 years and now in Taiwan for 7 years…I want to encourage you that Boot Camp will serve you well the REST of your life. You’ll refer back to Boot Camp many many times! It’s exciting to read about your ups and downs and I hope to hear more about what you learn in China…a land full of loving people who need our Father!

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