God Is Working In The Malawi Team

Bonjour from Boot Camp Florida! It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by. The team feels that time has been passing 10 Malawi N
quickly and slowly at the same time. It’s been raining on and off the last few days, but thankfully none of our tents have leaked and the mosquitoes, for the most part, aren’t killing us…yet. This week, we were blessed to experience working with puppets (I hope there is video footage of “The Laughing Song” because the teams were HILARIOUS), taking an informational tour of the history of Teen Missions through the Display Room, and taking a step back in time by touring The Tabernacle. This was definitely a unique experience that we highly recommend others to do in the future, if able. Last night at Rally, the TMI staff surprised us all with a movie and POPCORN! One word – yummy. I would have to say that so far, the highlight of the week was winning the BRAINSTORMING award and the GODLINESS award in the same day. This is a huge honour as only four awards are given out per day. Our team was nominated by another team’s leader. Apparently, while another team was off running the Obstacle Course, two of our team members sat by their food and protected them from flies while they ran the OC. The team was excited to win as it was the first GODLINESS award that was handed out since the beginning of Boot Camp. The reward is a swim in the pool, so needless to say, we had some very happy campers today. We are currently off to work Kitchen Patrol and serve others their meals for the evening. We praise God for the awesome weather that we’ve been having and for the amazing team that we have. Everyone is getting along so well and having a blast! We are anxious to go to Malawi and bless others with the message and hope of God’s love. Thank you so so so much for your support through prayers, letters and emails. I would like to continue to encourage you to write as much as possible. Receiving mail is the highlight of the day. An encouraging word from home can completely turn your day around. Team Malawi sends their love to all those back home reading this and may God bless you in your continued awesomeness. -Assistant Team Leader: Raewyn Maheu (Ps- Much love to my family and Adam xo)
“The Lord’s Boot Camp has certainly been very different than I anticipated. Even in this “short” week, we have already become like family. God has taught me how to let go of the comfort that I have a history of taking refuge in. It has been such a growing experience for our entire team, and I really can’t wait to see how the Lord moves this summer. One of the coolest parts of our team is how after Rally we gather at our campsite and worship together. It’s a really sweet time of fellowship. I usually prefer to spend time worshipping with my team rather than writing letters, and it’s totally worth it!” -Liana Escue
“Boot Camp was definitely a culture shock. I thought I was prepared for everything, but it still knocked me over. But God is gracious and has provided everything we need, minus the superfluous luxuries, like electronics and flushing toilets. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how God as used Boot Camp to prepare us to serve Him on the field.” –Grace Cornelison
“Although many of the horror stories I discovered were true, I’ve been handling it hurdle by hurdle. God is definitely in this place, helping everyone and revealing to me personally so much. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go and serve this summer. I know God will use this summer to change my life.” –Teagan Bowie
“Here at Boot Camp, things have been an adventure to say the least. Some things never change, just like our God, but some things do. This is my third year and I feel I have learned more than just technical skills. I have been learning a lot about humility and surrendering myself.” -Joel Harbin
“Boot Camp has been hard for me, but we are almost half way through. The speakers have been great and the classes and well-drilling are also pretty interesting. Getting up at 5:30 has also been pretty hard. I have learned that I tend to rely too much on things that I am familiar with, instead of welcoming new challenges. It will be interesting to see what amazing things will happen in the next few weeks!” – Gwendolyn Sveum
“Boot Camp has been such a strengthening and encouraging experience for me so far. I love that the Lord can teach me to rely on Him and thank Him during the regular routine of running the OC or even washing dishes for the KP. Even though I’ve been through Boot Camp before, God faithfully shows me areas of my life that need to be surrendered totally to Him. I look forward to seeing more of what the Lord will do this summer through our team here and also in Malawi.” – Bekah Scoville
“I like Boot Camp a lot. I have really drawn closer to God. My team and leaders are great. I am very glad I came and I would recommend it to everyone.” –Nadia Hershberger




  1. John, Aleesa, Payton, Jillian

    To my beautiful sister Raewyn. Truly Inspirational!- we love and miss you!

  2. Raewyn
    May God keep you and your team safe and healthy.We love you and will be praying daily for all of you.xomom

  3. Raewyn
    May God bless and keep you and your team safe and healthy while you travel to Malawi.We love you.

  4. Teagan, I’m following this blog so I can see what all you do on a missionary trip like this. I can’t believe how brave you are to go so far around to the other side of the world! Keep your heart open for love to flow through, and your eyes open for the miracles that God will bless you and them with!! I can’t wait to hear more of what God will do through your team’s lives this summer!!! Blessings, Tonya Schnitz

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