The Haiti Team Is Becoming Like Family

Hello all parents, all friends, all those frequently looking for reports! All is going well with the team. Got one week left and then 14006 Haiti TeamCommissioning! We started puppets yesterday—all the team members seem to be quite into them. It was fun seeing how they worked, and what we will be doing on the field. The weather has been okay, lots of rain the past few days, but the teams spirits have been high. Praying for team unity as the time to leave for Haiti approaches, praying for hearts that desire God above all else, and for all lives to be totally surrendered to Christ. It is a journey, but with God’s strength we will make it through these last days of classes. We can do this! Prayer is definitely appreciated! Haiti here we come. Galatians 2:20.
Alice Hoyt: Though the first few days of Boot Camp were rough, I have learned to love it. The Obstacle Course is sometimes hard, and I still have plenty to learn about carpentry, block-laying, and other things, but I really enjoy working side-by-side with an awesome team. It is hard to believe I’ve known all of them for only a week! Sometimes we get a little irritated with each other, but I know God is teaching me to have a better attitude towards the work and the people He has placed on the team.
Robert Franklin: Boot Camp is fun at times, and boring at other times. During free time it can be fun, hanging around with the guys on the team, just doing whatever we can.
Dana Hursh: Boot Camp has been amazing. You are never really clean, everyone smells like elephants, and if you fall in the slough you’re wet for the rest of the day. But the things I have learned about God and myself have been priceless; I have been humbled by the Lord Almighty! And my team is so encouraging. They’re my wonderful family now. This summer will be blessed, and I will serve my God with joy!
Rachel Cress: Staying here at Boot Camp has really helped me realize how blessed I am. I’m learning not to complain and have a cheerful heart. It has been wonderful hanging out, singing, and talking with other teens who are trying to live for the Lord. I can’t wait to see how God uses our team in Haiti! The desserts are also really yummy here.
Alayjah Robbins: Going into Boot Camp I thought, “Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into?” I had these thoughts of how  was I going to get through it. Then I realized how many times I thought about me! Throughout Boot Camp, God has worked in me and has revealed that it is ALL about Him.
Belle Collins:  Boot Camp is a fun place where leaders and volunteers teach young teenage groups how to serve the Lord. Not only that, but they also send you out overseas to work and preach to orphans. When you are in Boot Camp, it may seem hard, tiring and boring, but I am telling you, coming to Boot Camp is worth it! God will change you, because He has already changed me!
Molly Dashiell: It was quite an adjustment getting used to the temperature change and the “go all day” attitude of Boot Camp. However, God has most certainly had His hand in this time. I have been blessed with an amazing team, and we all uplift each other when we are struggling. This time is intense, but I am relying on God more than I ever have, and I am so grateful for what He is doing in my life.
Madison Snyder: This year at Boot Camp I was not sure what to expect, but I am really liking it. My team is amazing! It has been pretty rainy and hard to stay dry, but the rain cools everything off. I think Boot Camp is going to be really good for me and my walk with God.



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