Hello From Team Ireland!

14008 Ireland TeamHello friends and families of team Ireland! We are all doing well! Yesterday, Sunday, we had a lovely church service, team pictures, and a tour of the TMI display room. We saw pictures of TMI bases from all around the world and various TMI projects. The kids really enjoyed it and the air conditioning of course. Today we are back to our normal routine of OC, classes, and more! Currently the kids are in class learning about trusses. The weather has been very warm and muggy! We’ve been having a lot of afternoon showers. The kids don’t really enjoy the rain, but they are thankful for the coolness during the rain nonetheless! The kids are VERY excited for these last few days of training and missions conference, only six more days until commissioning! They are all working really hard in classes and seem to be learning a lot!
Clayton Storaska: Things are going well. Not as hard as I was expecting but it had it challenges. My team is awesome so that helps a lot!
Joel Stauffer: Boot camp, although challenging, is a great experience. The knowledge I’ve gained both spiritually and construction wise will have a lasting impact on my life.



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  1. Collin Alexander

    Everyone looks good. I see smiles on everyone’s faces. Together u all make one terrific team. Your in my prayers. 5 more days!

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