Kilimanjaro Is Continuing To Learn

The Kilimanjaro team continues to learn and work together in their classes for music, drama, puppets and construction14009 Kilimanjaro Teamwork. This week we also took a Bush Sunday School Class where we learned fun ways to teach the gospel to children regardless of the language barrier. The early day hours are hot and skies clear but by afternoon storms roll in and the rains come. Both the heat and the wet present their own challenges and blessings. The team members have been sharing their troubles, challenges and moments of overcoming by the power and strength of Christ. Our team has a fun and competitive spirit. We won the “Brainstorming Award” where the team came up with a brainstorming idea that was so good that they won the swimming pool during free time. We also won “Obstacle Course Award” as well which thrilled the team.
Joey – “I had another day again, just like the one before. But today is different, I got cards and emails. They were very nice. Love you a bunch. From/Love/Bye, Joey”
Ryan – “Boot Camp is going good. The team feels like a family now and its hard to imagine life without them.
Caleb – “Boot Camp is getting better! After the adjustment period and making friends, I am having a great time. The team has bonded well and we all seem to get along, I praise God for that.”
Rachael – “I am getting used to Boot Camp! I love my team and cannot wait for Africa!”
Grant – “I miss everyone and I am having fun! I can’t wait for Africa! Tell everyone I love them! Happy Fathers Day!”
Elijah – “Happy Fathers Day! I’m doing great and getting closer and closer to the Lord. I love and miss everyone. Cannot wait to get back and tell you guys what all the Lord has done and how my trip was.”
Ashleigh – “My favorite part of Boot Camp has most definitely been getting to know the other team members and our leaders. This time is awesome and I cannot wait to be in Africa with these folks.”
Jakob V. – “I love this place! God is here and I am so exited to be a part of what God is doing.”
Elaine – “Boot Camp is hard. It’s a challenge and I’m loving it.  I needed a challenge to keep me on the right track. Praise the Lord for this team. God is merciful to me.
Jacob G. – “Boot Camp is very difficult and crazy. The only way I’ve been able to get through it was to get closer to God.”
Emma – “Boot Camp has taught me to hurry. I can now wake up and go in five minutes. 🙂 My family will be so happy!”
Maddi – “I love shouting instead of sinning! I don’t have to worry about how my voice sounds, I just let loose. Name tags are annoying.”
May – “Boot Camp is getting easier and easier everyday. Thank God for Him!”
Kitty – “It’s nice and raining out. It really cools things down. I can’t wait to go to Tanzania.”
Callie – “Boot Camp is crazy, but it is the best all at the same time! Its been an amazing experience!”
Arrianne – “The Lords Boot Camp is a challenging place. It breaks you down, and allows your team and God to build you back up. I love the Lord’s Boot Camp because it has taught me to rely on God and my team members for help.”
Lance – “God has used Boot Camp to reveal things to me. The impact of those revelations is unexplainable.”
Callie – “I have always grown up in a Christian family, I was baptized at 9. I found God at a very young age, but I had never known the power of prayer. See, as a young child in 1st grade, I was told I needed glasses, but I had never known how bad my eyes were until they told me I had 200 in both eyes. So I got glasses. As I got older my eye sight only got worse. When I was in 5th grade I already had bifocals, and my eyesight had gone up to 275 in my left eye. I never knew how powerful prayer was until one night I had just got tired of wearing glasses. So I prayed for like the first real meaningful time and when I woke up the next day I had 20/20 vision. Nobody would believe me until I got my eyes checked at the eye clinic and they finally believed that God had healed my eyes. I had never known how powerful prayer could be until that day, so I have never doubted God or prayer since then. Now I’m here doing what God has called me to do!  Boot Camp!”
Elaine – “I have been a Christian since I was three and grew up in a godly family that knew every answer to the “God” questions. My father was a Navy helicopter pilot, so we moved around about every three years. I never was ale to grow strong friendships with any as they or I would soon move.  In consequence, I never felt I needed a real deep relationship with God. He was too me the household name, the thing that was always around and very delicate, like a china figure on a top shelf that everyone sees.
But a few years later, after repeated moves and aquiring seven siblings, I finally broke down and rebelled against everything.  That was when God touched me and  made me realize that I needed a personal relationship with His Son.  God is Good!



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  1. I’m watching you, Arianne Michelle Ensworth! Love you. 🙂

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