Panama Is Bonding

Team Panama is alive and well! As we begin our second week of Boot Camp, the kids are tired, many have blisters and some  are 14012 Panama Teamwet but all of them are in good spirits. Over the weekend we had a  welcome break from our normal classes with a church service Sunday morning,  an afternoon dip in the lake and a movie with popcorn Saturday night. Our team is getting along well and working together. Each evening they pray one for another which is really building team unity. The Obstacle Course is a place where teamwork, following directions and hard work are required and our team is doing well on it. Team members: Julia Bussan, Angel Eaches and Victoria Groves have been delighted at being able to make it over the slough and not getting wet by falling in. Spiritually, the team is growing as well. There have been many kids wanting to pray, opportunities to pray in the prayer tower, Bible classes,  and incredible evening rallies to challenge their faith. Elisabeth Parsons helped design and make our team flag, she did an awesome job. Marissa Paz provides a contagious smile and good attitude throughout the day. Ray Hawkins beamed when the team voted him the smartest team member  and was sent for special instructions for the Obstacle Course. This week will consist of four more days of classes and the weekend will be spent packing, weighing and getting ready for overseas. The team is excited about culture class where they will learn more about Panama, the people, and our project.  The next update will be sent on Thursday.
Brendyn Carpenter – “Today we had a church service and we learned about the road of repentance. It was on the parable about the two sons and one of them asked for an inheritance and he got it and wasted it all on stupid things. Then he repented to his dad and his other brother got jealous. That was what our church service was about. Boot camp has been pretty easy going except waking up early and the rain. I’m having a good time and I’m encouraged by our evening rallies.”
Jared Isles – “It is rather stormy here in the land of Boot Camp. Our clothes are wet, the dirt has turned to mud. Luckily, the bugs have gone home to wait for the dry weather to return. I have learned during my time in the block laying class that I do not have any apparent construction skills, but am learning and getting better. God has really been leading his team forward in the right direction, in the way He has planned for our team.  We are doing great!
Victoria Grove – We’ve only been at Boot Camp for a week, but God has already been teaching us so much.I think the biggest thing He has showed us is that with Him, Boot Camp is not as bad as it would be for someone who is not here to serve Jesus. Since everyone on the team shares a mutual love for Jesus, it has made us become a team that is strong and inseparable. Since we have fallen into the routine of Boot Camp, our mindsets have become much more positive but we are all just excited to get to work in Panama.
Hannah Faulkner – One week down, one to go! The Lord’s Boot Camp has been such an incredible experience for me so far. I have finally settled into a daily routine – each day day I learn so much. I am taught physical skills such as block-laying and carpentry, and spiritual  skills like devotions and evangelism. The Lord is doing amazing things in my life.  I am so blessed to be on the Panama team, I have met the coolest people from all the corners of the US. Boot Camp has taught us to grow as a team and to put ourselves aside for the glory of God, with a great attitude. My project time is approaching and I am so ready to serve the Lord and help the people of Panama with all I can offer. (Even if my blocks don’t lay straight and my measurements aren’t right the first time.) Seven days are left,  the candles will be lit and I’ve never been so excited!



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