Commissioning Day Is Quickly Approaching For The Holy Land Team

Our team continues to grow together and work together. Tuesday we served KP which will be our last time during Boot Camp. 07 HolyLand NOn Wednesday morning, we enjoyed doing the World Map OC.  It’s always a plus not to jump the Slough early in the morning. Some of our parents may be seeing some news concerning an alligator… there was a small one in the lake which our life guard saw prior to anyone entering the water so we moved the team to the Bath Tub Lake and they bathed in that area.  They did have the opportunity to see a real alligator out in the lake and realized why it’s important to stay together and listen closely to those in authority. Classes are beginning to  wind down and the teens are looking forward to Commissioning night.  It looks like it’s going to be a great summer with these fine young people. God is faithful.
Noel Adamson – Boot Camp has been rough, but I can feel our team is getting closer. I know God is going to do great things through us in Israel. I hope we can leave this place soon so that we can fulfill them!  I remember just yesterday we were going out to the lake to swim and there was a gator in the water! We were lucky we saw it before we hopped in—one of us may have been missing a toe. (Not really, the lifeguard saw it and wouldn’t let us in.)
Peter Demos – This is my fourth Teen Missions team and I have never been so excited to see our potential be put to the test. Each and every member of the team is unique and each member is complementary to the rest of the team. This makes us a recipe for success. I feel like this is a blessing in many ways. It is a blessing to ourselves because the positive and encouraging characters of each team member is not hidden. This is a blessing because our time together is alway a blessing and enjoyable. I also see our team as a blessing to others because it has become evident that there is a strong work ethic within our team which was made clear by those we work for in the kitchen, in our construction classes and even our Special Blessings. With all this I am so excited to see what God will do through us this summer.



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