The Kilimanjaro Team Is Loving Drama!

Drama is our team’s favorite class.  They are all very generous actors.  All of them are very good but not one of them compete to steal the show.  Because of how they graciously work together as a team, their drama skits are very effective and 14009 Kilimanjaro Teampowerful.  Our Drama Teacher, Michelle, has filmed our team for the purpose of using their performances for a future teaching tool.  She also got permission for our team to perform one of their skits before the entire camp tonight at rally!  So be praying for our Team!  They  will be performing in front of a few hundred people tonight!  Be sure to tune in online and watch them!  The skit tonight only has enough parts for half the team but every student is trained in the same skit.  It was terribly hard for the students to figure out who would be in the skit for tonight and those who are not performing tonight have such uplifting and enthusiastic hearts for those who are performing!  Yesterday was the first day we received our “training backpacks”.  What they are, are old metal framed backpacks with a solid rounded cinderblock inside (including what items our students are already carrying on them for the day).  The packs are incredibly heavy but the real challenge is the packs themselves.  The base of some of the packs are threadbare, some of the metal racks poke through the back, and the waist and shoulder straps have either broken off or are all too big when tightened so they don’t fit our smallest girls. The straps are not padded so they press in on our shoulders.  (Thank goodness we leave these packs behind!  We will have newer packs in Tanzania!)  So here is best part!  Yesterday during our free time, team members lined up their packs to figure what all needed repairs on their packs, I busted out duct tape, para cord and my sewing kit, and the team went to work fixing the packs.  They weren’t fixing or worried about their own packs, they were fixing and helping with each others’ packs!  At one point Ryan, Grant, Caleb, Jakob, Kitty, and May were all busy with needles and thread sewing other student’s shoulder and waist straps taking them in so our girls could fit their packs!  This is how they spend their free time!  These are the moments that show how we have really come together as a team to care each other’s needs.  We are so blessed as leaders!  The weather remains consistent with high heat and humidity during the earlier parts of the day and the heavy rains come in the afternoon.  Thunder and lighting have their daily appearance. Our students continue to evaluate their various motives for coming on this trip and enduring Boot Camp; and Jesus is shaping, molding and rewriting the motives of our team.  Goals for the future are encircling pack-out coming up.  There are a lot of details and things for students to pay attention to.  We continue to brief the students on what they need to pack, what things need to weigh, and the timing and procedure for our two pack-out days coming up.  We want to handle our traveling procedures as best we can.
Ashleigh – “We are unbelievably close to being done with training.  I could not be more excited to head to the field in a few days.”
Jakob – “Every time I come here I feel the Lord calling ‘Who will go for Us?’ and it’s amazing to see so many teens saying ‘Here I am, Lord, send me!'”
Jacob – “The Team is great.  Everyone helps out each other and we keep pushing even though times are tough.  Trust the Lord and it gets much better.  I’ve grown spiritually here.”
Elaine – “Oh, the pain and all the work.  It is  hard to keep a positive attitude in the midst of trials.  But the Lord is Sovereign and will get us through.”
Lance – “The days go by so fast, yet it feels like an eternity.  It was great here, from the praise to God in the morning and in the night.”
Elijah – “It just gets better.  Our team is coming together.  We get milk shakes and pizza on Friday and I play a major part in a play in front of everyone.  Please watch Thursday TMI Big Top video.  Love you and am excited as ever to go to Kilimanjaro.  Please email how the family is going, is Mama alright?
Rachael – “We now have our hiking packs with cement cylinders in them…they are heavy!  But, the Lord is always there for me.”
Ryan – “Boot Camp is almost over and I can’t wait to use all the skills we learned at Boot Camp to reach people for Christ.”
Grant – “Can’t wait for Africa!  Time to bring It!”
Caleb – “Well the first leg of the journey is coming to an end.  I have made many great relationships, learned tons, and grown spiritually.  I can’t wait to use these skills in Africa!”
Kitty – “Hey Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, I love you lots.  The backpacks rock and stink at the same time.  They’re really heavy but they make everything feel so much more real.  I love my team and I’m doing great.  Also watch the Rally on Thursday, I’m in it.”
Maddi – “The team is like a family and I can’t believe how much I love these guys already.  To all readers, watch the Rally Thursday night.  Kilimanjaro’s gonna rock the stage!  Oh, the backpacks??? eh, they’re alright.  I have bruises on my  hips because I’m so short, but what are a few bruises compared to all the muscles I’m going to have??  Can’t wait for Africa!  Only four more days!”
May – “As Boot Camp is coming to an end, I am getting more and more excited for our trip.  It won’t be easy but it isn’t impossible.  The mosquitos are being sassy; they keep biting me even though I have told them not to.”
Arianne – “Boot Camp is almost done!  I’m sad but now we get o travel to the field!  Four more days!!!!”
Callie – “Boot Camp has strengthened me not only spiritually, but mentally and physically too.  Now Boot Camp is coming to an end and we are ready for Jesus to change the world through us!”




  1. Way to go JARO! I love getting these reports and hearing how you are growing in friendship and Christ-likeness! Praying for each of you! Give my Caleb a big hug from home 😉

  2. Joey… I love you and I am proud of you.

    K-team… Continue to support and encourage one another. You are all being prayed for. You are going to bless a lot of people, see great things, grow close together and be changed for life…

  3. Sharon Reynolds

    Where’s Emma? Teen Missions! Have you lost our daughter?! Lol.

  4. Wahoo! Fly high team Kilimanjaro, see as the eagles see!

  5. Wahoo Elijah, your team sounds awesome. God is good! I sent you a couple of emails, even though it cost you 50 cents I hope you find them. All grandson are gone and my yard is super high, I am so happy you are all starting the summer off with fun blessings. I can’t wait to see you all on web-cam tonight. I would say the scripture that comes to mind for your team would be ‘the JOY of The Lord is my strength’ as I see you all overcome whatever the days obstacles are. Keep it up, Lord lift them higher and higher into your presence, let their team fly, Jesus. Elijah, your mom’s remark of mama being bossy is just not true. Lol!!! Lots of love and kisses. Mama

  6. I am so very happy for , not only my beloved firstborn son, but the entire Kilimanjaro team!!!
    I will try to find a way to watch the artistic display y’all are putting on tonight–
    Emmy says-i miss your cooking!
    Nathan says-i hope the Lord guides you in Africa…
    Judah says–love you lots, can’t wait to see you again…have fun big brother!
    Daniel- I miss playing football with you…hope you are having a great time!
    Josiah- but when are we going to see him…cuz I miss all the fun stuff to play with Elijah, like playing on the trampoline n stuff
    Levi–I wanna say suh tin too…ugh, tank you Jesus fer Ah i jah!
    I love you, my boy!!! Press in to Jesus!

    p.s….Mama is still bossy, otherwise, she is faring well

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