Unity Among The China Team

It’s sunny out this morning! I am sure it will be raining this afternoon…Yesterday our team got to do Noah’s Ark instead of14003 China Team the regular OC. Noah’s Ark is where there are fake wooden animals hidden in the the woods and the team members have to find an animal. In order to go into Noah’s Ark, there has to be a pair of the same animal, so when the teens find an animal they make that animal sound. It was so funny to watch and listen. Our team was so enthusiastic about it. Everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves. My team is definitely not scared to be embarrassed or shy in front of others. We have been blessed with having a joyful team.
2010 was the last time I was at TMI. It was so challenging and hard, but this time I am having a blast! I’ve been learning so much, especially in my Former Team Member classes where I am learning about discipleship. God has been shaping my perspective, and teaching me important lessons about listening to His voice and following His plan.
Heather Kennedy
I love it here at Boot Camp! I can’t believe that its almost over! God has taught me so much in the time I have been here. Boot Camp may be hot and sweaty, and stinky but every second is worth it because in less than a week we will be sharing the love of Jesus with the world! – Melody Dove
Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp I have learned to stop relying on myself. My team leaders have helped all of us work together and push ourselves. I  feel that being here has drawn me closer to God; learning to completely abandon all of the physical things that I often look, too. I can’t wait to see what other things are to come as we continue to embark on this awesome adventure.- Rebekah Singh
I am doing well at Boot Camp. I am running the OC! I am learning a lot about joy. The sad part about Boot Camp is missing my family. – Preston Troyer
Being a former team member at the Lord’s Boot Camp, God has shown me how I can be an encouragement to others who are first time team members. Unity is an extreme aspect to affectively share the gospel to those that we will be ministering too over our summer. Through the first week of Boot Camp, God has shown me how important team unity, no matter how big or small our team is.- Leah Hems
I was inspired by the Slough because right before I went over I prayed that that I would make it over; I thanked the Lord that I did. He’s helps us through the big and small.
Austin Moore
Boot Camp has not been what I was expecting. Instead of being lonely and boring, each and every day has been an incredible and busy day; full of laughs and surprises. I’ve already made some really good friends, like my tent partner who makes everything amazing. And Robin won’t get in the car. Mooo.- Colton Cardie



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