The Cambodia Team Has Finished Their Training

Well, we have four more days of Boot Camp!! We will be commissioning on Sunday, June 22nd.  The past several days 14002 Cambodia Teamwe have been taking classes in drama and puppets in the mornings.  We have learned a total of four dramas that will be used to interact with the kids in the Sunday schools.  The dramas are a great way to communicate God’s truth.  The favorite one of the team is the “Cage”.  It is a story of God using His Word to release people out of the cage of sin into His great salvation.  We are practicing using the puppets to teach songs to the kids.  We continued to provide two hours each day riding on their motorcycles. The weather continues to be somewhat mild with rain off and on.  It has impacted our start time of our motorcycle training.  We have won the “Run from the Devil” contest two times and we are actually undefeated.  This is great accomplishment because we are the smallest team in number and size.  We have won the Clean Award three times and the Obstacle Course thee times.  We are able to get pool time when we win the clean award. We have one more day of training to complete on our motorcycles.  We will be participating in the Olympics on Friday, Mission Conference on Saturday and then begin our pack out on Saturday.
Being a part of the Cambodia MSSM team has been such a learning experience.  With only six team members and two leaders. We are more of a family then a team.  Everywhere we go God is showing us that a team of six can beat a team of 27.  Small but mighty is our team motto! We can do all things through God Who strengthens us! –Megan Worden
Boot Camp has been a lot of fun.  It has been a struggle at times but now that its almost over I will miss it.  But, the end of Boot Camp starts the beginning of my new adventure in Cambodia!! PTL  I am praying and hoping that the Lord’s plans for my life will become my passion.  Maybe that means that will be missions and maybe I will just be a stay at home mom, but either way in Job 23:14 tells me that He will accomplish what He has planned for me. –Alayna Culp



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  1. Duane & Ana Culp

    We are very proud of the Cambodia team! You all will be used greatly in the lives of these little ones, and so much more that you may never know about. Just love your Lord, be yourselves, and bless each person you come in contact with as best you can. He will take care of the rest. The Lord always seems to use the small to confound the large and great… you are small, but mighty in Him!

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