Commissioning Is Just Around The Corner!

Today is the last day of regular training here at The Lord’s Boot Camp. The team ran the O.C. for the final time and did14005 Guatemala Team very well, indeed. They are all excited for the end of training and starting tomorrow, we have two days of Missions Conference and a more relaxed pace. The team is also getting excited about finally heading to the field to accomplish our project. Rain and some thunder and lightening continue on a daily basis. Today has been no exception, and it would appear that we will have no choice but to pack up wet clothes. Thankfully our travel is short and hopefully we can get things rewashed and hung to dry soon after we arrive. Temperatures today are somewhat cooler, that is a nice break. ,The Lord continues to work in our team members’ lives, and different ones are responding to the Word of the Lord through the rally speakers each evening. I am already seeing evidence of God’s work in several of their lives. The unity of this team is inspiring to me. They really are demonstrating unity and compassion for each other and , for the most part, exhibit respect towards the leaders. I am quite impressed with them. They got 17 over the wall today and I am not sure if that will gain them first place, but they did well and were rightfully excited and proud of themselves. All seem to be looking forward to what the Lord has for us in Guatemala.
Mariah: “I like free time and rally the most in Boot Camp. I’m excited to go to Guatemala. I can’t wait to get there.”
Matthew Boyd: “Boot Camp was amazing. It was more challenging than I expected but it was definitely worth it. I am super excited for Guatemala.”
Josh Nelson: “Boot Camp has shown me how great God really is. I have been blessed with an amazing team and I am very thankful for our leaders. Commissioning is right around the corner and I am so excited to see what God will do with me as well as my team.”
Kylee Oswald: ” It was hard with adjusting to sleeping in tents, no snacks and waking up at 5:30am. As we come to the end of the week, I have to say, I am enjoying it. Instead of being strange and new, it has become regular for me. We are here for training and I learned a lot. So Boot Camp isn’t worthless, but essential!”
David Kennelly: “I really enjoyed Boot Camp and it feels weird that it is almost over. I hope we’ll be able to use what we learned here in the field to the best of our abilities.”
Brittany Plummer: “Boot Camp definitely isn’t what I thought it would be, but I have learned a lot! My team has bonded and became a family which is amazing!”
Edward Kennelly: “Boot Camp is very difficult and stressful but I like the people and the sermons. Bob Bland has taught me about being a child and an adult. I like that there is no technology here and that we are helping people in need but I think it too long a camp.”
Katie Harrington: “When I first came to Boot Camp I didn’t feel like God cared about me or even knew me anymore. On the second night during rally I went to the front to seek help and the lady who helped me said she could see God in me and that He had never left and I will never forget that.”
Garrett Wirsching: “I have enjoyed just about everything about Boot Camp The work that we have done in class and running the O.C. has made us close as a team. I feel prepared and excited to serve in Guatemala.”
Judah Bergeron: ” I love Boot Camp. I mean, it’s hard, but it’s supposed to be hard. TMI sends teams to countries where it is vital for the teens to pay attention and be respectful. There is a feeling of both relief and disappointment during these last two days. (But mostly relief). I am super excited for the field



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