Injury Update after Partial Collapse of Climbing Net Obstacle

Teen Missions Headquarters EntranceA partial collapse of the Jacob’s Ladder Obstacle (a climbing net on Teen Missions’ obstacle course) resulted in mostly minor injuries on Friday afternoon during a photo session with some of the team members and leaders. The annual homeschooling photo was being taken on the obstacle when it appeared that some of the anchors pulled out on the back side of the climbing net. Most of the injuries were scrapes and bruises but 11 team members and one leader were taken to local medical facilities for tests and x-rays. As of 5:15 pm EST nine team members have been discharged and 2 are still waiting test results. One team member suffered a sprained elbow and another was treated with a broken wrist. One adult leader (male -41 years old) was taken to Orlando for tests and xrays. A family member has reported that they are still waiting for test / x-ray results.

*As of 6:30 PM EST ALL team members have been released with minor injuries. The leader is still undergoing tests/x-rays in Orlando.

We appreciate your continued prayers and encouragement as each team trains for their projects around the world.



  1. Some of the Italy/Greece BP team were injured well at least one and that person was back by the time I even found out what was going on. My daughter is on that team and she was at the bottom of the Jacob’s Ladder and the others all came tumbling down onto her, she was fine and even if she was hurt she is in God’s hands and He is able to take care of her here or there (or anywhere!) I have had children hurt in our hometown (my son actually broke his cheekbone falling off a scooter) so do I expect my child to not be hurt? Well, yes, that is what I expect but in reality I know children and adults can get hurt anywhere. My son went to Iraq in the army came back just fine and was in an accident at home! You pray for them and trust God to keep them in the palm of His hand-I know where she is going!

  2. Barry, I was on that bus also. Our team had 31 members and only have of the Mindanao team was on our bus around 15 of them. We may have had 50 plus people on the bus but no way was it 70. The accident had nothing to do with how many people were on the bus. When a Mac truck comes into your lane and hits you head on there is usually not anything that can be done. Teen Missions did nothing wrong during our accident. Teen Missions is a great organization. I’m sorry you feel this way toward them.

  3. I love TMI, it is Forever in my heart,It is THE BEST PLACE FOR YOUNG TraInIng, let us all pray for him.
    Sergio Gomes dos Santos from BRASIL

  4. How would i know if my daughter was involved?

  5. Prudence Franklin

    Thanks to all who posted and pointed out the truth of what happened with the bus in Arizona.
    I am truly trusting that my son will be safe in God’s hand. I visited TMI’s site and felt 100% comfortable with the leaders and management of the program.
    Let us pray for all our kids and leaders’ safety.

  6. Also… the accident happened when a fully loaded gravel truck crossed the center line and hit the bus head-on. It happened very fast and there was no way for the TMI driver to avoid the accident. Fatigue was suspected as a cause, but the driver of the other vehicle was killed also. The driver of the TMI bus was entirely in his right of way.

  7. We will include the team and all of TMI in our family’s prayers.

    Thank you for the update.

    Glasgow, Scotland, 1982

  8. Kristina Schmidt

    Why does the police report only say 47 people on the bus? (

    I’m sorry this happened to you, Barry. It must have been a very difficult time in your life.

    I don’t mind if other parents send their 14- or 15-year-olds; our 18yo went last year to Panama and this year our 17yo is off to the Holy Land. We choose to wait until the kids are a little older just because of their own personal maturity level.

    Teen Missions has been a huge blessing and great experience for our kids. I hope our younger kids will get to experience it in the future (they all want to!).

  9. My son has gone with Teen Missions twice. The first time he got very sick during debrief and had to go to the hospital with possible heat stroke. The second time when he went to Haiti, he got sick along with many others on the team. Both times, Teen Missions contacted us immediately and then kept us up to date on his progress. I think of how long TM has been around and how many accidents/injuries/sicknesses there are or could possibly be. The Lord is protecting this mission and these teens.

  10. Mark Shropshire

    Barry is not telling the whole story

  11. Accidents happen. Our granddaughter suffered a fractured wrist in the fall, but she is not letting that keep her from her mission to serve. Her comment was, “Did I really think Satan was just going to (let me) walk into Africa?” She will get a cast on Monday and leave with her team to Malawi. We are so proud of her.

  12. Barry, I disagree with you about 14-15 year old kids not going on TMI. It was because I went on TMI when I was 14 that I was able to overcome the clinical depression that had me drop out of school for 2.5 years as a teenager. The expectation on me to work and the encouragement of the leaders broke through every lie Satan told me to keep me wallowing in self-pity and defeat. My dad says it was well worth it to send me because of the change that came as a result and renewing the drive in me to fight the depression.

    It is very much about trusting and following the Lord’s prompting. I heard the call when I was 14 and I went even though my dad was scared of me dying on the field (he also called me after 9/11 while I was in Kentucky and no where NEAR a city). It is best for the kids to want to go themselves and allow them (and you) to trust in the Lord.

    There are people who die in accidents and I do know of more TMI fatalities and horror stories. TMI has continually evolved to improve the safety aspect, but, remember too, TMI has safety rules, but it’s up to the leaders AND the TEENS going to choose to follow those rules and you would encounter that wherever you are in the world.

    • My wife and I led 4 teen teams beginning in 1981, and I led 5 pre-teen teams (one w/ a daughter who was previously a leader’s kid, team member, and assistant leader and one w/ my wife) and have had grandkids be members of pre-teen teams. One granddaughter is currently on the Malawi team as an assistant leader.

      I have never been worried about safety concerns at Boot Camp, while traveling, or during a project – just a few concerns at times. Dangers abound in all kinds of domestic and foreign settings – TMI is no exception. If God is sovereign, what better place to be than in “the hollow of his hand” whenever, wherever, and whatever. Blessings on those recovering from yesterday’s injuries, and blessings for all as pack-up is now a major task.

      Hooray, tomorrow is commissioning, and then it’s off to see God working in more than a few ways.

      • Ken, I met your daughter being the “drilling trainer” on the first days of 1st BC. She is awesome and they will do great work. The Malawi team is very “together” (sorry, grew up in the 70’s) and motivated. God, their head leaders along with the 2 assistant leaders are the reason. My prayers are for success delivering the everlasting waters to the people of Malawi and to return home safely ever changed and blessed by the experience.

        TMI is a fine organization. My 2 girls just completed their internship and graduated from the Florida Free BMW program. My natural self was worried about them touring the USA in a van- on the highways for 9 months more than I would have if they’d served abroad (in one place and not travelling every day). One of the comments below is testament to the unfortunate hazards of our highways. My whole faith that the Lord of Heaven’s armies can and would protect them wherever they are & in every situation gave me peace this past year.

        Continued and renewed prayers for all the teams, their leaders and most of all for the souls they will touch in His name. Rom 8:31

  13. Thank God all the kids are ok. My husband was the leader that was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center. He fell from the top, 30 ft, onto his head, and by the grace of God has nothing more then a sore body and a bad headache. He’s doing ok, and will be headed back to TMI to finish his missions trip with the teens to the Dominican Republic.

    • Katy,
      I met Jason when sending my daughter Tina off Thursday. She’s on the DR team. He was very kind in assuring me that he’d look out for her. Now we pray the Lord watches over him…..praying for his healing/restoration and for the team – that the Lord would build them up through it.

      P.S. Our home church has sent over 20 kids with TMI over the years. My son went in 2011. No hesitation or regrets.

    • I’m so glad to hear this!! We have been praying for him so much!! Thank you for the update!

    • Katy, so glad to hear he is alright. I had heard several incorrect details of his injuries. Thanks for sharing what is the truth. Praying for his speedy and complete recovery!

    • Praise God! My husband and I, as well as friends from our church, have been praying for your husband! So happy to hear that he is ok!
      My son was one of the kids that fell. He is on the Italy/Greece team.

  14. My son is currently with Teen Missions. I saw them last night and the kids are in good spirits! Even with this and other accidents I would still send my son again, and again, and again. Teen missions is touching lives through these kids with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let’s all lift the kids, leaders, and staff up in your prayers. That is what is needed right now, not rehashing the past.

  15. As a past volunteer and a ex driver of the South African & Zimbabwe bus, safety was always drummed into us. Trust me Africa is not for sissies and we still have team members write in about the good times. We in South Africa are praying for those at boot camp.

  16. I will be praying for peace and safety for the young missionaries, their leaders, and their families as they all are about to head into a life changing summer. While the Flagstaff bus accident was a horrible tragedy for all those involved, there were 47 people on the bus, and they were hit by a large truck who crossed the median and plowed into the Teen Missions bus. While this was extremely tragic, this was hardly negligent on the part of Teen Missions. I have been on three trips with Teen Missions and my daughter has gone on two as well, and is currently volunteering at boot camp. My daughter was injured on her second trip and was brought to a clinic and had five stitches, and was well taken care of….. I have a neighbor boy who stayed home and got 8 stitches playing baseball that same summer….. Life happens…. here, in Florida , in Indonesia…… They are in the palm of Gods hand.

    • Jennifer, thank you for getting the facts right. I think this guy has a grudge against Teen Missions or God, maybe both. He also failed to mention who was at fault, thanks for setting that straight.

  17. I’m glad it was only minor injuries. Praying that people will be wise in their comments.

  18. Barry, looks like this was a fluke situation and an article that gives more details specifically says it was a concrete anchor that gave way. So there’s not much more secure you could be. In fact, the whole thing didn’t come down, just partially gave way. The injuries were from kids falling on each other. It’s sad that your team experienced such tragedy.

  19. Praying… our daughter is there… and we feel completely safe with them.

  20. My prayers are for everyone….the injured, the rest of the teens in the picture, and everyone at camp.

  21. Hoping and praying you are all okay and that God will give you all peace as you prepare for your mission field.Raewyn may God keep you and your team safe.,We ALL miss you so much,but are so proud of you.Keep looking to God for everything and we will pray daily for all of you.Momxo

  22. Same with my daughter, Ashley. I was very pleased and grateful for the way TMI and her leaders handled the situation. I have complete faith in the leaders and of course I have faith in God or I would have never agreed to let her go. Thank you TMI and for Ashley’s leader for taking such good care of her!

  23. Not to underestimate the situation, but I would probably have rather spent a couple hours in a hospital rather than being at boot camp. Just to be honest… 😉

  24. Anyone that has a child knows sometimes accidents happen and are out of our control. Teen Missions staff have nothing but the best in mind for these kids. Praying for a quick recovery for everyone and that God would be glorified through even this event.

  25. Praising the Lord that everyone is ok. <3
    If there are any Myanmar or Dominican Republic parents on here, come join our parent facebook page. Friend me on facebook and I will add you. (Yvonne Rossell Perkins).
    facebook page for Myanmar is Myanmar 2014 – Teen Missions
    facebook page for Dominican Republic is Dominican Republic Mission Trip 2014 – Teen Missions

  26. I am so sorry for everyone involved. Last summer my daughter broke her arm running to Rally, things happen and that is why it is called an accident. God has it all planned out. My little one is there now and my 11 year old will be there Wednesday. We will be praying and thank you TMI for letting us know. P.S. What is this.parent Facebook site??

  27. Just pray, the Lord is in control, Pray don’t Panic

  28. just curious- Boot camp injury deaths?

  29. praying for everyone involved… staff, teens, leaders and parents.

  30. Martin Halvorson

    Two kids died in 1984? I never heard a whisper about that, which team? I was under the impression that there had never been a death!

  31. Praying for everyone

  32. My daughter is a first year BMW student and a leader for one of the pre teen teams this year. I live out of state so this is the first that I have heard of this. My reaction was to instantly pray for the members and staff involved. I’m glad d that they put their attention to the kids and assuring their safety before worrying about social media. My prayers are with all them and my daughter too, as I know this is probably upsetting to her.

  33. Bill, red lipman

    Praying here in peru

  34. Gracemarie Peters

    Thanks for the info. We will be praying for everyone involved!

  35. Thank you for the update! We are praying over here.

  36. Sharlene Howard

    Love, thoughts and prayers for wveyone at TMI.

  37. Thank you very much for the update. Praise the Lord for his hand of protection.

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