The Panama Team Is Ready To Go

The Lord has been gracious in helping us maintain a positive attitude. He has been teaching us to trust Him with 14012 Panama Teameverything, even the  details. Even our blisters and sore feet have made us more dependent on Him.  Each day here at the Lord’s Boot Camp, it has rained, so it’s been challenging to stay dry and to have dry clothes to wear. The team members attitudes have remained good through the trials especially Reagan Paul, who has a contagious smile and Jared Isles, who enjoys rallying the troops in the right direction. Team work was evident as we got every team member over the Wall during the course of Boot Camp. We have a very physical team and are very competitive but have yet to win the Clean Award or the Brainstorming Award, so no swimming in the pool yet at Boot Camp. The team has enjoyed puppet class, Connor Suderman and Conor Scanlon have done a great job as they are very animated and entertaining. Many team members have gone forward at the evening rally to rededicate their lives to the Lord, ask for prayer for struggles in their Christian walk, and one team member prayed for salvation for the first time. This weekend brings a very busy schedule. There are special events happening at Boot Camp such as the Olympics, wheelbarrow parade, Missions Conference and preparations for our overseas travel.  We are excited for Commissioning and travel on Monday and the team is looking forward to the mail they will receive in Panama from their family and friends.  Team members will be calling home Sunday evening or Monday before traveling to Panama.
Logan Miller – Right now I am nearing the end of Boot Camp with only three days left. It has been a very different experience that has taught me so much. I have learned to deal with the physical challenges through the Obstacle Course along with the spiritual challenges brought on by team members and other difficulties. Boot Camp has taught me to push through hard times with the mentality that I WILL make it.
Emily Isaac – Here at Boot Camp, I feel God’s presence so strongly. In my regular life, I didn’t give devotions very much importance. I’ve found that devos is one of my favorite, most vital and renewing part of the day since entering Teen Missions. Every activity and rule here serves the purpose of making us stronger, more united and closer to our Creator.  The spiritual struggle here on earth is extremely real and each day I become more and more aware of the importance that I and all other people are fighting on the victorious side of God. Armed with love and truth, I am excited to be sent to Panama!
Elisabeth Parsons – I cried the first three nights I came here. I came up with an analogy for the way I felt, I felt like a baby bird who had jumped out of the nest and then remembered I had no idea how to fly. It took a couple of days, but after a lot of prayer, I finally felt better. I almost felt related to Jesus, because I realized He went through the same problems when He came to earth, only I couldn’t even imagine. But now I’m happy to be here, and strangely I think I’ll miss the OC. Hands down, this is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever experienced and certainly the most exciting!
JJ Bagans – At the Lord’s Boot Camp, our team is really starting to come together. Everyone has a joyful heart and are ready to serve the Lord. The Lord has really taught me about faith so far this summer. That faith even the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. I pray that  our team will grow closer to God and each other.
Chris Martin – Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp it has been hard for sure but I’ve already learned so much.  One of the things I have learned is that no matter how hard it is or how tired you are, keep trusting the Lord and He will help you through it all.
Regan Paul – During Boot Camp I have learned to completely trust the Lord and give thanks for everything.  In Ephesians 5:20 it says, “Always give thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  That includes giving thanks for Boot Camp.  That’s one of the things I have learned at Boot Camp-to trust in the Lord and give thanks for everything.




  1. Miss you Trevor! Will we ever hear on facebook how the teams are doing out in the field on their mission?

    Many blessings and prayers to everyone!!!

  2. I am so blessed by hearing about how the team members are growing to trust the Lord more and more every day. How wonderful that they are working as a unit and learning things that are not the same at home, like showers and mom doing laundry. I so would have liked to do this as a teen. Thank you leaders and thank you our Lord and savior for teaching these Kids.

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