Our Training Is Finished!

I just wanted to extend a warm and grateful thank you to all the parents, family members and friends who have been10 Malawi N faithfully writing letters of encouragement to our team members. It has been a blessing to these kids to hear from each and every one of you and we thank God for the effect it has had on their spirits. Praise God, we only have three days left of Boot Camp! The team is very excited to move onto Africa and see what next the Lord has in store for us. This is our last day of scheduled BC classes and the team is very much looking forward to the many exciting events that are lined up for the weekend. We have the TMI Olymipics coming up this Friday, a wheel barrow parade with all the team members displaying the wheel barrows that they have decorated, and lastly, the 500-gallon milkshake and alligator pizza! These kids are rip, roaring and ready to eat some hot, delicious pizza and to finally have something ice cold to drink. (The leaders are just as excited, but lets keep that between us!) Though there have been many challenges here, our team has overcome them with great aplomb. We FINALLY won the Piggy Award (which means that we have the dirtiest camp site and have to clean the bathrooms), but this has not darkened their spirits. On the contrary, it has given them an opportunity to show Christ’s love in everything they do. They are smiling and blessing God for the opportunity to serve others and to make the bathrooms sparkle! Trust me, they need it. Our team has really grown together as a family and shows genuine love and concern for eachother in all circumstances. We are praying for safety in travel and we ask that you continue your support in prayer, letters and emails. This is our last report here at the Florida Boot Camp base, so I’d like to say to all reading so long, fare well, God bless and you will hear from us when we are in MALAWI!!!!
Even though I get only six hours of sleep a night and have a bath with minnows, Boot Camp has been a time of spiritual growth and encouragement for me. Every night, our rallies challenge me in new ways to share my faith, live a life that reflects the love of Christ, and dig deeper into my salvation. Boot Camp has truly prepared me both physically and spiritually to serve God in Malawi. I can’t wait to finally get to the field! –Madeline Gabriel
Boot Camp is awesome! It was hard at first, but now I love it. I like the Obstacle Course, especially the Slough. The classes are fun and the speakers are really great. I really love the evening rallies! I’ve learned alot since I came here and I’m looking forward to going to Malawi. –Tilly Bergeron
I’m having a great time at Boot Camp! It’s hard for sure, but I know that I’m stretching and growing in Christ through it. I enjoy my team and feel so blessed by them. It’s amazing to me how we’ve grown together in such a short time. I can’t wait to be in Africa and discover what God has for us there. – Lydia Borko
I’m having a great time at Boot Camp! I’ve loved getting to know my team as we prepare for Africa. I’m excited to be a part of the very first TMI well-drilling team and can’t wait to see how God will work this summer! -Emily White
TMI has really had a big impact on my life. I’m not sure where I would be in my spiritual walk without Teen Missions. This summer I believe that I will make friends for life. I’m excited to see how God will work through my team in Malawi. The Lord has blessed me and my entire team with great leaders who can make out mission happen. It is going to be a great summer. –May Madman
I am having alot of fun and am learning alot at Boot Camp. I have learned how to drill wells, mix concrete, how to teach Sunday School and teamwork, among other things. I am looking forward to giving people in Malawi fresh water, meeting the orphans and teaching them. I am very excited to go to Malawi! – Rebekah Powers
Hey y’all, it’s Kenzie! I’m here at Boot Camp and loving it. God has shown me so much since I’ve been here. He’s helped me stay calm when people aggravate me or when things aren’t going my way. He’s given me new amazing friends and…yup…that’s about it for now. Love you all! –MacKenzie Todd




  1. I am praying for you all tonight as you prepare to go to Malawi.God has taken you through Boot Camp and will be with you every step of your journey.I pray for safety,health,strength,unity and that you remember you are not forgotten by those who love you and know that you belong to God first and foremost.Raewyn you are such an encouragement to all of those back home who love you.Keep focused and keep your eyes on The Lord and He will bring you home to us safe and sound.Stay the strong leader you are and I know you are being someone who will encourage your team as they trtavel so far from home.Spiritually and emotionally God will shine through you.Love you,MOM.GO TEAM MALAWI!!!!


  3. May God keep you safe and strong Raewyn.Miss you so much,but know you will be a great witness for God and your team in malawi.Can’t wait to hear about everything you will experience as you share His Word with others.Love you and am praying hourly for you all./xo

  4. Aspen Conley, I am so proud of you and love you very much! Can’t wait to see the work you all do once you get to Malawi!

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