Cameroon Has Officially Started Boot Camp

18 Cameroon NThis is Cameroon (14018), and today  is June 23rd, and we are still blessed to be able to camp in Merritt Island. This is our first day of our normal Boot Camp routine. We spent our first free/special blessing time cleaning the bathrooms since we had a score of -18 last night. Our team had a wonderful attitude cleaning the bathrooms and had fun. We also fixed the mistakes we made at the tent site so we are hoping to be on the stage to win the Clean Award soon. The weather has been pretty good to us. We have had a few light showers, but it has been dry for Boot Camp. The humidity is what makes the weather feel much warmer than what it actually is. We have also had our hearts touched by the speakers at our evening rallies. The music has been a blast as normal, and our team loves to sing along with all the new songs.





  1. Dolores Salyards

    Papa and I are so proud of you and pray that you and your team will hold onto every one of our prayers..

  2. I do too!! 🙂

  3. This Team Is Going To Do Amazing Things In Cameroon!!

    My Son is Jake Chapman. Back row 2nd from Left in Light Blue Shirt.

    Parents, we have a Family Facebook page: so please join us!!

  4. Malinda Clickner

    Way to go Janelle, we are praying for you

  5. Andrea – I’m so happy to see that smile! Holly please give her the biggest Mumma hug! Xo

  6. Bella McKay…praying for you and your team that God will allow you to see miracles on this trip. God Bless!

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