The Dominican Republic Team

19 DR NYou will be pleased to know that our team has settled in and is thriving at the Lord’s Boot Camp!  Our team has spent the last few days becoming acquainted with Teen Missions and also with each other.  The busy schedule, bathing in buckets, living in tents, doing their own laundry and just being away from home has been a culture shock for some.  All are welcoming the challenge though and are increasing in faith and drawing closer to God.  This past weekend was very involved due to the Missions Conference that took place.  All teams were given the opportunity to hear sermons and testimonies from seasoned missionaries about reaching the homeless, outreach opportunities through Aids Orphans and Street Children (AOSC), open doors on the mission field with Teen Missions and post secondary education opportunities at the Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) training program. The 500-gallon chocolate milkshake and alligator pizza were a delicious treat welcomed by all our team mates. Tomorrow, the hard part of Boot Camp (running the OC, attending construction classes and evangelism classes and serving SB’s) will begin.  Although our team is still adjusting to the long days and packed schedule, we as leaders are confident that our team will be equipped physically, mentally and spiritually when we are commissioned in two weeks to serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic.  We have been blessed with a compassionate, respectful and motivated team and we thank you for sending your sons and daughters, your most precious earthly treasures, into our care for the summer.  Hopefully you are getting some quick peeks at your children during the Boot Camp rallies that are broadcasted live each night.
Lia Crumpton – “As usual, getting to BC brings both stress and excitement.  Being a third time FTM, I had a good idea of expectations.  We have 23 team members and four leaders.  God has already done so much for our team as well as the rest of BC.  Praise God, our leader Jason was injured and with prayers from the entire BC, the Lord willingly healed him and restored his strength.  God uses me every year for his plan in my life and Teen Missions has given me skills for on and off the field.  Running the OC and being given other challenges, God unites us and prepares us for future struggles and helps lead us to further success.  It’s even been cold a bit this year!  God has an amazing plan for me and this team.  One verse that keeps me going is Psalm 46:1.  Thank you Mom, Dad and the rest of the Crumpton crew.  I love each of you and can’t wait to tell you more!  The best is yet to come.”
Seuraya Morgan – “After struggling with major stress and, frankly, doubt in God, I was called by Him to the altar.  Not wanting to cry so early during BC, I held it all in for days.  When I fell to the altar, I realized how broken I was.  God completely washed away all stress and doubt, and Miss Anne gave me perfect scriptures.  I am now filled with joy, and cannot wait for each day and what it holds!  Thank you my Abba!”
Zack Holschen – “Here at BC, I am actually having a blast!  I honestly thought I would break down but nope, I met a ton of new friends and am learning so much otherwise.  I am really excited for the Dominican Republic and to spread God’s Word.”
Kaniela Estrella – “Well, I had a really hard childhood.  I grew up in a cult and was abused my whole childhood.  I was saved from all of that from my grandma who was a gift from heaven.  I recently just accepted God as my Lord and Savior…recently, as in, a couple weeks ago!  He has saved my life and it has been the best thing ever!”
Anastasia Leatherby – “It has been five long, hot and tough days at Teen Missions but it has been worth it.  It was nothing like I thought it was going to be.  Everybody is so uplifting, caring and loving.  The hard work pays off!  It was a struggle the first day but you learn to stand back and realize it’s going to be worth it in the end.  BC has helped me more than I realized it would.”
Aleyna Lewis – “When I learned that I was going to BC, I was so excited because I would be temporarily relieved from nagging and my consequence.  Prior to BC, I was in major trouble and I felt like my parents had given up on me.  I did not choose to go to BC and I learned that I would be leaving only four days before I was placed on an airplane to come here.  As my parents exclaimed that I was leaving and why, I began to realize that they were giving me another chance to build a relationship with them.  I was being sent here to change my attitude and to learn gratefulness, but most importantly to realize that I can’t just believe in God but to actually get to know him and depend on Him in everything.  If God had not told my parents to send me to BC, my summer would have been miserable.  I am very grateful that my Heavenly Father would send me to such a great camp to meet new friends, but more importantly to realize how blessed I am and how much that I need God.  I hope to learn that I can rely on God and that I won’t struggle trusting Him anymore.”




  1. Seuraya it was wonderful to see you free of stress and filled with strength that only the Lord can give. Your smiles and attentivness for your fellow team mates was comforting to witness. We understand and agree that BC is urgently your calling now. Dad and I are so proud of your endurance and continual desire to give all of your mind , body and spirit to the creator of this amazing plan at hand. May Abba place his safe arms around your entire team and joy fill the hearts of Michelle, Mike, Anne, and Jason

  2. Dear Team Leader,
    I may have missed some mail when I was out of town. The other parents of Team Members seem to know the names of the current Dominican Team members and the names and some background info of the Leaders and Assistant Leaders ( if there are going to be assistant leaders). How can I get that information too? Thank you for your help with this and for watching over our kids.
    All the Best,
    Christie Walsh

    • Christie, Many of the parents brought their kids to Boot Camp, so they did have an opportunity to meet the leaders. Others would know from letters home. You are welcome to call the office and we will let you know.

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