Malawi #2 Is Adjusting To Boot Camp

23 Malawi NGreetings from Malawi-2! (Just as a help to friends and family…  There are 3 Malawi Teams: Malawi-1 Trained at the 1st Teen Boot Camp and is now heading over to Malawi. Malawi-2 (that’s US!) is now beginning our training and plans to commission on July 5th. Malawi-Preteen will be arriving in a few days and will commission on the 5th as well
Our team is coming together quickly here at Boot Camp and we are enjoying the opportunity to build our friendships and team unity. There we a few competition events during the overlap with 1st Boot Camp that began to show a promising start for the team. We won one of the heats in the Boot Camp Olympics (called “Flush the Duck”). It was a water relay. Later on, there was a wheelbarrow decorating competition and our team placed 3rd with a ‘Garden of Eden’ theme.  Our first running of the Obstacle Course was yesterday and we got six members over the wall. Last night, our team placed 1st in the ‘Piggy’ (campsite cleanliness) inspection so we are excited about our 1st trip to the pool later this afternoon. Today is our first normal day of classes so it is good to be getting into a routine.
We appreciate all of your prayers and emails from friends and family are welcome while we are here at the Lord’s Boot Camp! 🙂 (hint… hint….)
“These last three days the Lord has been teaching me the gift of patience towards my teammates, my sprained elbow, mosquitoes or some of the rules here at Teen Missions. Being a former team member it was hard to let my teammates do things for me and help me, but by the grace of God my arm is getting better. I love you Mom, Dad and Joanna!!! 🙂 – Joelle Valentine
“Boot Camp took a couple of days to get used to, but the team is great and all of us are adjusting. We ran the Obstacle Course for the first time on Sunday. I miss home a lot, and even though I thought it would be easy to adjust here, the heat combined with all the different rules and such make it a little harder than I thought it would be. However, I’m looking forward to Malawi and I’ve gotten used to the schedule here so everything is starting to come together. We haven’t really started classes yet so I’ll find out more about that tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. The whole team is looking forward to going to Malawi, and even though parts of Boot Camp are rough, I’m sure we will be well prepared when we get there.” – Lucy Killacky
“Hi friends and family! I made it safely to Boot Camp in Florida! It was very hard leaving and being by myself and the humidity is horrible but besides that, I made friends in the airport. We finally arrived at Boot Camp and it has been crazy with First Boot Camp still here. Bathing was not what I expected, we got into our bathing suits and were exposed to all the mosquitoes so I got a bunch of bug bites. Rallies are really fun; both Boot Camps come into the Big Top, we worship, listen to the speaker, and many other things. Rallies are probably my favorite part. We started the Obstacle Course today and we did it in the middle of the day whereas normally we would run it in the mornings before breakfast when it is not as hot. I made it across the Slough and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. My leader, Deborah, and my group of all girls are pretty great. I love you guys and will see you when I’m back! Please write emails and letters!” – Alex Phillips




  1. Alex,
    Stamps are on the way! Your letter made me laugh and cry. So thankful for everything you are experiencing, yes, including all “40 swollen bug bites”, okay, maybe not those. 😉 miss and love you soooooooooo much! How was the alligator pizza? Love the pic of you using the drill on what looked to be framing to a house….? Enjoy every moment as it will go faster than you know!!!!!
    Love you,

  2. I have enjoyed seeing the photos and learning about the boot camp training. I am praying daily for the team. May God bless everyone of you with His favor to bless the people of Malawi. Please say hello to my granddaughter Ally W.

    Phyllis Kokoros

  3. Jennifer Phillips

    Hi Alex! You handled the Slough like a pro! Well done. I’m am so proud of you for taking on this extreme adventure. We are all praying for you, your team, and the children you will soon meet in Malawi. I hope you enjoy the rest of Boot Camp and get used to the foreign climate and bug life in Florida. 🙂 Love, Tante Jenny

  4. Brooke, so enjoyed hearing from you sounds like you are having a good time and learning a lot So proud of you and all that you do Be careful and stay safe Praying for all of your troop Love you MeMa

  5. Hey Anna o…you look. Good running that course girl.
    I’m proud of you, and I miss you very much! Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord our God is with you wherever you go. I love you! LOVE Dad.

  6. Alex Phillips! We miss you too and are so excited to see the updates on FB and the website! What a great opportunity for you and your team. Love you bunches!

  7. So glad to read a report! Everyone looks so great, missing our Kira but so excited about this experience.

  8. Way to go Anna!! Looks like a great group!

  9. it has been great seeing all the photos TM has been posting. I am not sure if everyone will see this or just you or if they wanted my name or Leanna’s. I know you all are working hard to get trained and are looking forward to Malawi. I will keep this short until I see how it works
    So proud of all of you spending your summer doing the work of our Lord. Prayers for all of you I love you Lea, Mom

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