Haiti Has Arrived In The DR

We have arrived safely in the Dominican Republic where we will spend the night and then go to Haiti tomorrow! Everyone is very excited 14006 Haiti Teamto get going and to start the next leg of our trip. It was a long day of traveling, but for the most part everything went smoothly. There are a lot of tired team members, prayer for patience and love for one another would be awesome. We know we can not do this on our own, only by the grace and strength of God can we fight through every battle we may face. God is good. We know He has a lot in store for our time in Haiti and we are looking forward to seeing what will unfold as we begin our project in the next couple of days. Thank you all for the prayers!




  1. Hey Beth,

    I found the report from yesterday — don’t know why it wouldn’t come up for me. User error, I guess!
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Dear Beth,

    The Haiti post hasn’t shown up on my computer yet. It is 10:30 am here. May be a problem on your end or mine. Please check yours and I’ll keep checking mine.


    • Prudence Franklin

      Hi Alana, it does not show up on my computer either, must be a way it is linked. Anyway, you can get to the report easily by going to teen mission international on Facebook and the report link will be there, then it takes you back to TMI’s page as well.

  3. Prudence Franklin

    While we are very supportive of Teen Missions International, and believe in the missions, we are disappointed with the level of communication from the organization.
    Per the booklet and TMI guidelines, the team leads are required to send 1-2 reports per week, and so far we have gotten only one report form Haiti team which was confusing for us.
    I do understand that the infrastructure in Haiti is bad and the team leads might not be able to send an email readily, however, I do expect the administration in Florida to get some information by phone in such cases and post something here for all parents to see.
    Please guys in Florida, you need to understand that as parents we send out our kids, and although we trust God to keep them safe, we still need confirmation from you that they are, and you are the ONLY means of communication we have right now.

    Can something be done here?

  4. Prudence Franklin

    Hi Haiti parents, I have created a Facebook page for us to reach out to each other.

    “Teen Missions International Haiti 2014 Parents”

    Guys jump on and let’s commune 🙂

  5. John, I’m not good enough on the computer to make a Facebook page but that would be great! We went down for commissioning. The kids looked really good. I’m so anxious to here the report that they officially made it…. I keep looking back on here to see if other parents have commented. Take care.

  6. I also am looking forward to more detailed updates since my son Caleb has only sent a postcard so far and we were not in an area to recieve phone calls when he could have called.

  7. I’m hoping they got hot showers!

  8. While I am pleased with any update, I sure wish we had more detailed/lengthy updates ( like some other teams are getting). The leaders are the eyes and ears of the parents. And I can’t speak for the other parents, but I’m a first timer… Please and thank you. Praying for you all!

    • Tichy, There will be a more detailed report posted once they arrive in Haiti. We ask the leaders to just send a 1-2 liner that the team has arrived and once they are settled in to send a more detailed update. Once you arrive, you have to get the tents set up or the kids settled into their housing, sometimes cook a quick meal (which means you have to get your kitchen set up), etc. It is a little crazy when you first arrive. Internet is not always available on site, so you have to wait until you can get into town.

  9. Prudence Franklin

    I am guessing this report was from yesterday? Anyway, it’s great that they had some time to relax and see a bit of the DR (I hope :-)).
    Thanks for the update, please keep them coming.

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