Hello From The South Africa Team!

Hello from the South Africa team! Our team of 14 arrived on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. The first couple of days we stayed14028 South Africa Team busy with the Missions Conference. The team sat in on some great sessions such as ministering to the homeless, opportunities overseas, and Teen Missions’ AIDs orphans and street children ministry.  In addition to great sessions, many other events filled the weekend.  Friday night the team participated in the Ketchup Queen competition where Noah, Savannah, Phillip, and Emily sculpted a mosquito in Hannah R.’s hair using ketchup.  There was also a parade where the team created a “Boot Camp survival guide” wheelbarrow.  Madeline, dressed in a typical African dress, sat in the wheelbarrow as Noah pushed it across the stage.  One of the other major events of the missions weekend was Boot Camp olympics.  Team members participated in many different events.  A favorite event involved Kara, Cierra, Hannah H., and Phillip filling a 50 gallon container with water to get the rubber ducks out of the barrel.  Elise and Sammi also had the opportunities to go birding over the weekend and see more of God’s creation.  The weekend was filled with lots of fun events that helped the team bond and get to know each other better.  One of the highlights of the past few days has been watching how willing the team is to jump in and serve where needed.  With the first Boot Camp teams commissioning on Sunday, our team had several extra chances to serve in the kitchen.  Not only did they serve with cheerful attitutdes, but with enthusiasm!  They love to serve!  Sunday was also Elizabeth’s birthday!
Another thing that the team is improving in is the Obstacle Course (the “OC”) which the team has run twice now.  The first day we did not finish, but they planned out ways they could work together more and the second time they ran the OC, they finished and got Savannah over the 12 foot wall!  The team, especially Gracie and Caity, are excited about working together to get more team members over the wall.
Monday started our first day of formal training.  This week, we have Bible classes, music, blocklaying, phonics, free time, bath and laundry, and a variety of construction classes.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue our training over the next two weeks.
Kara B.- Let me first start of by saying that the South Africa team is fabulous.  God has amazing plans for our group.  He has taught us patience and has showed us His love on multiple occasions. We have got to serve food twice so far and its one of my favorite things to do.  God has also showed us what its like to have very little and still be very happy.  I never realized how much God has blessed me with or all the things I have taken for granted.  God is good all the time!
Noah S.- First off I would like to say Jesus rocks.  Second, I would say that I love what we are doing here at the Lord’s Boot Camp.  I love the way we do everything as a team.  I like the way we accomplish everything we do through God and each other and I really love the food.
Cierra F.- Coming to the Lord’s Boot Camp has taken away many of the privileges I have taken for granted and it made it a reality in my life to thank God for literally every breath I take.  The Obstacle Course is so much fun!  My favorite part is noticing the strengths and weaknesses of myself and my teammates and how each day we draw closer together, and to our best friend, Jesus.  I have never seen a more beautiful group of sweaty, smelly people.  Every person here is such a blessing.



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    Praying for you Colin! God bless you as you do great things for Him! : )

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