Honduras Is Doing Great

​The Honduras team enjoyed the first few days at Boot Camp learning about the broad scope of missions opportunities 14020 Honduras Teamduring the Missions Conference. At the Boot Camp Olympics they participated  some wild activities like wheelbarrow races and bootlace tying. The team won the kool-aid drinking contest. All of Boot Camp loved the giant pizzas and 500-gallon milkshake. The first Boot Camp’s Commissioning service was inspiring for the team and helped them to focus on the end result of their trip instead of the difficulties of Boot Camp. So far the team have learned about layout, block laying, concrete, as well as music and puppets. They are still learning to pack everything they need for the day in their backpacks and tidy their tents, but receiving the Piggy award (and cleaning the bathrooms) certainly helped.
I am having a great time at Teen Missions. I came to know Christ when I was seven but did not know for sure. I came to Teen Missions and on June 6th, I rededicated my life to Christ. Teen Missions is an amazing place to be! – Jacob Hughes
So far I’ve learned a lot about teamwork from the Obstacle Course and other things. Other than team building, we’ve had some very good speakers. The speakers target issues that relate specifically to a lot of teenagers which is nice. I think this summer is going to have a large impact on my life.  – Lydia Caldero
These first few days of Boot Camp have helped me to lean on the Lord a lot more then I did back at home. Even though it hasn’t always been easy, I’m grateful to be here learning and serving God this sumer. I’m excited to make an impact this summer inHonduras. – Grace Dean
As I walk through my faith, I am learning that anger management is very important. Even when I am full-throttle on anger I cannot use it. My leader is teaching me not to use it. God has placed me here for a reason. Anger is the Devil’s firestarter. I have trouble in this area, but through my faith I can learn this. – Alek Lewis
Ever since I fell off Jacob’s ladder I have learned to trust in the Lord in times of fear and He will see me through. I’ve met a lot of new friends at Boot  Camp who I hope will be with me for the rest of my life.  – Michael King




  1. Hey Michael, hang in there. We’re praying for you and Honduras every night!

  2. Ruben And Krystin Vanderweerd

    Hey Daniel we hope all is well.. God is doing amazing work with yous out there! we miss you and hope to hear from you soon:)

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