Ireland Has Arrived

Greetings from team Ireland, 14008. We are getting settled in here Dalkey. We are all tired from traveling,  but that has not put a damper14008 Ireland Team on our spirits! The team did a wonderful job going through the airport. God gave us a lot off wisdom,  to God be the glory.  We have the tents up and our lady leaders are in the process of cooking our dinner.  We will be starting in the worksite tomorrow, we will be clearing  brush while working on a project that will benefit children. All the team members are doing doing well. All the policies are being followed. P.s. all the team members are getting their first shower I’m two weeks,  they are really excited!  We are having a lot of fun




  1. Brad and Saundra Fredrickson

    Thank you for the updates, good job everyone, thank you Father for keeping everyone safe and we pray for health, oneness, growing love for You and one another, and a great sense of Your presence and leading, Yay! we worship you Father!!

  2. So very glad you have all made it safely! Please send LOTS of updates and pictures as your’e able!
    We haven’t seen Lisa since June 6 !

  3. Clarence Martell

    Thanks for the update:) please keep us up to date as much as possible! For some of us this is the longest we’ve been apart from our children and seeing up dates more frequently would help alot! Thank you for all that you are doing and God Bless all of you for doing what God has asked of you. Love you all!

  4. Holly and Brad Kahn

    Thank you, Lord, for the safe flight! Thank you, leaders, for all of your efforts and great attitudes! My son called from the airport before leaving Canada and said he is already thinking about returning next year! He was very excited about showers in Ireland though 🙂

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