Through the accident at Jacobs Ladder, our team grew spiritually and has become more unified. A number of our team 14021 Italy Teammembers have been reading Job for encouragement. After devotions today, it was such a blessing to hear them say “God has been so good to me, the hardships of Boot Camp are allowing me to lean more on Jesus and helping me learn more about Him too.” We’ve all made a fairly smooth adjustment to the pace of things here at Boot Camp and I look forward to seeing how we will grow as a team in the future! Tomorrow we will be beginning to use our backpacking backpacks, let the training begin!
“Boot Camp is one of those things that you both hate and love. For me, it wasn’t so bad at first. I tried to be as helpful as possible, and remember all the rules. The problem with that was that I was trying to do everything by myself. I’ve learned a lot already about trusting in the strength of the Lord and not on my own.” – Joel Larson
“So far so good, which basically means I’m still alive. It seems that the team has really blended (I love them all!). Oh, and the Boot Camp food is surprisingly good!” – Joel Knox
“I am so thankful that God has brought me to the Lord’s Boot Camp this year. So far, my time here has been challenging, but God is using that to draw me closer to Him and prepare me for this summer. I love getting to know my teammates and Boot Camp is helping us grow closer to each other. My favorite part of Boot Camp has been the evening rally because I love the encouraging worship time.” –Anna Beam
“Boot Camp… it’s been super fun getting to know my team. They are all amazing and I’m lucky to have them. It hasn’t been too great getting up and walking to the walking to the far away tent site, but I’ve lived! I love my team and I’m glad to be here!” Macheala Carson
“Hey! Boot Camp is awesome, fun, and challenging. I’m blessed that our team is bonding well.” Gabrielle Voorhies



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