The Philippines Team!

14026 Philippines TeamHello from the Philippines team! We have just started our first week of Boot Camp and everyone is very excited that classes and training for going overseas have started. One thing that is very wonderful is to look at the team and just see how much everyone has bonded over these past five days and to see how they step in and help each other. It is truly a blessing from God how all 13 kids are getting along with each other so well.  It has rained almost everyday in the afternoon, but that is fine with us because the temperature starts to cool down, which makes it feel very nice since it is normally so hot in Florida. Two of the boys on our team, Dylan Nickolson and Aaron Beals, are doing very well at memorizing verses. Since they have been doing so well with their verses, they have some of the other kids on our team with their memory work. They are all truly doing very well with memorizing their verses and even though some of the verses a hard to memorize, they don’t give up and they practice until they feel comfortable enough to say them to the leaders. To show you just how great our team is working together, when they ran the O.C. (Obstacle Course) for the first time on Sunday they all stayed together as a team and our team got nine people over the Wall, and this took a lot of teamwork. It was so great to see all of them cheer each other on and to hear such great encouraging words come out of each of their mouths. Not only do they encourage each other, but they listen to the leaders very well and they are very respectful towards those who are teaching the classes that they have to take. Our four former team members have stepped up to the plate and are helping the others get through and understand Boot Camp.

On Saturday we had the Teen Missions International Olympics that we have every year and the kids loved being a part of that. In the Olympics they had many fun contests that the kids were involved in and we actually won one olympic called Flush the Duck. Flush the Duck is when they put four rubber ducks into an empty barrel and you have one team member filling up buckets of water and three other team members getting the buckets and running as fast as they can to the barrels to fill them up with water, the whole point of this game is to fill your barrel so full with water that all four of your rubber ducks fall out of the barrel and the first team to get all four of their rubber ducks out of the barrel wins. We also had the famous Teen Missions chocolate milkshakes and pizza that night for dinner. All of us are looking forward to these next two weeks and we are all excited to see what God is going to prepare us for when we get to the Philippines. We hope that God can use each and every one of us in a way that will not only help those who are in need but it will help each and everyone grow closer to Him. It is truly an honor to see everyone working together and getting along so well.
Bootcamp has been hot with lots of mosquito and it is tiring so far,  although it’s all part of the training. God seems to be bringing us together as a team and we are all getting along quite well. It’s only been the first week but I look forward to the weeks ahead -Dylan Nickolson
I’ve had a great time at TMI and it has been really nice getting to talk to friends. We have also had fun doing our activities. TMI has been really cool getting to grow my faith. -John Baggott


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  1. I agree I was just thinking how well they support each other watching the slough course is the first time I thought that, they will do great things together so proud of them. Go team Philippines , love you son

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