The Cameroon Team is Thriving!

This is our first day of our normal Boot Camp routine. We spent our first free/special blessing time cleaning the bathrooms 14018 Cameroon Teamsince we got Piggy last night. Our team had a wonderful attitude cleaning the bathrooms and had fun. We also fixed the mistakes we made at the tent site so we are hoping to be on the stage to win the clean award soon. The weather has been pretty good to us. We have had a few light showers, but it has been dry for Boot Camp. The humidity is what makes the weather feel much warmer than what it actually is. We have also had our hearts touched by the speakers at our evening rallies. The music has been a blast as normal, and our team loves to sing along with all the new songs.

Everyone has been healthy, even though we are tired from the early wake-up and the busy days. Blisters are being battled with great medical care and love from our nurse, Bella McKay. A few team members seemed a little quiet when they first arrived, but Gabriel Walker, Nikolaus Poli, Rachel Cox, and Amber Bryan all seemed to be more comfortable, and that’s just to name a couple. Levi Patzer and Barbara Potts are two of our very proud Canadians, and it’s awesome to have them here. This past weekend, we were able to participate in the Teen Missions Olympics. Every team member was able to be a part of at least one event. They are working great as a team, and our spirits are high. Jake Chapman, Jessica Codding, Hannah Monroe, and Barbara are our four former team members, and have been very helpful with those new to the Boot Camp lifestyle. On another note, we have some very talented singers and guitar players. Jessica, Hannah Freeman, and Janelle Benjamin all seem to love to play the guitar. Emily Bowen, Madalyn Frye, Kameron Jackson, Kathryn Locke, Haley Maxwell, Natalie Lemoss, Haley Maxwell, and Justine Ploeger are a few of the wonderful voices that I’ve been able to listen to. The leaders have been very grateful that all the team members have been so willing and compliant with all the rules. They have been an encouragement to each other and the leaders. We already love them as our own, and are excited to be able to be a part of their summer serving Jesus in Cameroon. We are excited to have classes in Music, Drama, Puppets, and Construction during this upcoming week.

Kameron Jackson:  “The first few days were hard emotionally, but now it’s fun! The Lord has really blessed this team with awesome leaders and an amazing team. Everyone gets along amazingly. Laughter, encouragement, and joy are never missing from any day at any time. We are all excited to be here and to be heading off to Cameroon. We are learning to appreciate little things and to rely on the Lord for strength and comfort. All in all we are learning a lot and enjoying it with our new friendships. Love you Mom and Dad.”
Amber Bryan:  “At first, our team was a little quiet, and things were pretty hard. But as people opened up, we started working together as a team and things got a lot better! Our leaders and teammates are amazing, and we all get along great. God is teaching me so much and it’s only day 5! He has taught me that I’m not strong enough mentally, and definitely not physically. I need to rely fully on God for all my strength. I love and miss you all, can’t wait to see y’all.
Madalyn Frye:  “There is nothing that you can do to help prepare you for Boot Camp. Yes, you can work out and do sports but it won’t get you through Boot Camp. It not only changes your mind set, but also your personality. My love for God has grown so much, and it also makes me appreciate the things I have back home. Everyone comes from different states and countries, but they all come together to serve Jesus. By the end of the two weeks, we will have become like one family. It’s hot here in Florida and mosquitos feast on your skin. However with Christ it is possible to survive. I thank my parents who were both on a Teen MIssions team. They have always been an important influence on my life. I am glad I prayed and was led to be on the Cameroon team.
Justine Ploeger: “I first just wanted to say how blessed we are to be a group. We are all so very mature and really opening up to each other. I still find it always to be true that the quietest are always the funniest. On top of everything else- we are clean. We were happy with our score of 100 points the first night. Yesterday we had our first go at bathing and laundry, and the water was different than what we were all used too. However, we are all clean, and so are most of our clothes. Some have had the blessing of good boots or tough feet, but not I. Open blisters have been bugging the heels of my feet. Bandaids and Moleskin have been very helpful and help the situation. “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” We are learning new things and God is so good. We love and miss you all.”



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  1. Oh, I’m gonna cry!!! I wish I was with you guys! I’m so glad to hear everything is working out well with the team. I’m still praying for every one of you!

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