Greetings From The Madagascar Team!

The Madagascar Motorcycle Sunday School Mission team is really coming together.  We have 15 awesome team 14022 Madagascar Teammadmembers (10 girls and 5 guys), two lady leaders and two guy leaders.  Everyone has great attitudes and is getting along well.  We started Boot Camp with a Missions Conference, so we got to “ease” into our training.  There were many fun activities and I’m sure everyone overindulged in the pizza and milkshake.  Although we didn’t win the “Ketchup Queen” contest, Lauren was a great sport about having all that goo in her hair and her attendants – Mary Margaret, Haley, Mellina and Erin did a great job creating a motorcycle on top of her head.  We DID win the wheelbarrow parade contest with the motorcycle we built in that.  Scott “drove” the wheelbarrow with Christian as our motorcycle driver in it.  Everyone had a great time at the Boot Camp Olympics even though the only event we won was the duffle bag relay, with outstanding performances put in by Lauren, Christian, Justin and Scott.  Sunday night was Commissioning for 1st Boot Camp, the Peanuts and the Mustard Seeds.  Brittany was excited to have her brother in the Mustard Seeds and Jessica and Zac got to run country flags through the Big Top.  We haven’t won the clean award yet, but have been in third place twice already, so we are confident we can win the pool!
Today began our “real” training.  First was the O.C. with Ben carrying the front flag and Danya carrying the back flag.  They did really well with eight team members getting over the Wall!  Danae was the first one to really show them how it’s done by “walking” up the wall instead of just being pulled up.  The lady leaders (Linda and Sylvia) started cooking class and the team was pleased with the mac and cheese we made on the wood fired stove, with special compliments from Abby, who is hopeful for more yummy food from her lady leaders!  The most exciting part of our training also began today – the motorcycles!!!!   The first session went really well with everyone following instructions and successfully starting and stopping, and riding in first gear.  The guy leaders (Joe and Andrew) are excellent teachers, always with an emphasis on safety first.  The team is looking forward to more time on the motorcycles and learning all the other things they need to be able to really be effective on the Sunday School Circuit.  
Christian Yiu – Despite the blisters on my toes or the inexplicably hot nights in the tent, Boot Camp has been fun.  The friends that I have made and the spiritual atmosphere allows me to keep a clear mind and grow in my walk with Christ.  I can’t wait until we get to the field and use the skills we learn here to spread the word of Jesus Christ.
Lauren Welch – Even with all the warnings from my FTM (former team member) sister, Boot Camp is much different (O.K., a little harder) than I expected. But I’m loving getting to know all my teammates, and I’m hoping we grow closer to each other and to God throughout the summer.  I am excited to start learning how to ride motorcycles in a couple of hours!
Zac Frye – As an FTM (former team member), I knew what Boot Camp had in store for me, and I was dreading it.  To my surprise, Boot Camp has been a great experience thus far.  My team is quickly bonding, the weather hasn’t been that bad, and I don’t feel as clueless as I did last year.  Motorcycle training begins today and everybody is in good spirits.  I can’t wait to see how God uses our team in Madagascar.
Scott Nelson – So I came into Boot Camp hearing all the horror stories from one of my buddies.  I thought he was exaggerating, but he wasn’t!  Boot camp really IS a boot camp.  However, it is turning into a great experience!  I am loving getting to know my team and I know I will miss them when we leave.  It’s only been four days and I already love them.  We get along so well and are having a lot of fun.  For most people, the obstacle course is one of the hardest things, although for me, it has been such a blessing.  I love the physical aspects of it and how it brings our team together.  There are many hardships here at the camp, but if we just trust in the Lord and have faith, we’ll make it one ay at a time.




  1. Boopie Tunison

    So proud to witness the boot camp graduation/commissioning ceremony last weekend. The enthusiasm & excitement of the kids was contagious, and a hint of what they are capable of as ambassadors of Christ around the world. So proud of you, Haley, & saying prayers for you every day (MM, too)! Love you so much:)

  2. Just wanted to say hey my daughter Haley. I guess you don’t have to wonder if I’m praying for you. I hope you are having a great time. I am very proud of you!

  3. Dolores Salyards (Grand D)

    Papa and I are on our knees each day praying for you and your team..we are so proud of you..

  4. What a great looking team. So good to see you all coming together. So proud of you Danya, you seem to be performing like a vetran. Know that you are all being prayed for. Stay close to God and each other.
    Blessings, NN

  5. What a great looking team. Sounds like you are all really coming together. So proud of you Danya and that you are performing like a veteran.
    Blessings to all and know that you are being prayed for always.

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