Mt. Kilimanjaro Team Has Arrived

From Missionary: The Kilimanjaro team is here and I have picked them. They have all their bags praise the LORD. We are now heading to Moshi so they can exchange their money and eat then go to the base!

14009 Kilimanjaro Team



  1. Glad you all made it safely. Happy Birthday to Elijah Farmer today!!

  2. Cassandra Ensworth

    Thank you for the update! Arianne you are loved!! Praying for all of the team. Can’t wait to hear what God does through you all this summer!

  3. So happy to see a report. I watched their flights on flight tracker they the night. Wish they could call from Moshi!

  4. So blessed this leg of your adventure has begun!
    Congratulations to you all. Elijah so unfortunate that we didn’t get to speak before your plane left.
    Can’t wait to get letter from you though. Love you

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