The Old West Team

The Old West team is a small team but with HUGE potential. Today was the second day of running the Obstacle Course (O.C) 14025 Old West Teamand the team is really getting the hang of working together. There are eight guys and two girls. Even though the team is small, they are the loudest and one of the most outgoing group of teens here at the camp. Yesterday we had Kitchen Patrol (K.P) and its nice to see that the youth have a really nice way of showing a servant’s heart. The team is getting used to the fast pace of everything and they are starting to get faster and faster everyday.
I love being here! a year ago, sleeping in a wet tent (with a stranger), waking up at the crack of dawn, washing with only a bucket and best of all,  discovering that my entire team was all boys, would’ve terrified me. But here I am, I’m going on an adventure!! – Kalaya Beyer
WOW!! Boot Camp is going great. Ya the weather is hot! We need to get up early and wash our own clothes, but i really love it! The evening rallies have been good and I have learned a lot. The team is fun and i enjoy meeting all the cool people. God has really been good to me, and i cant wait to see what He has planned for me. God bless you all.     – Ethan Zimmerman




  1. HI! i live in Flagstaff,Az. Right next too the Grand Canyon! if y’all need any local help while traveling through please feel free to contact me! Im a former team member and would love to help out in any way i can!

  2. Where is this team old west located never heard of it? Usa? Praying for all BC

  3. Good luck out there guys and fields especially A.J.

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