Myanmar on Top at Boot Camp!

17 Myanmar NThe Myanmar team continues their training at The Lord’s Boot Camp. Since our last update, we have won the OC, won the Cleanliness Award and have been on stage every night for the Cleanliness award (mostly second and third place finishes). The team thoroughly enjoyed their swim in the pool after winning the Cleanliness Award.

Our classes consist of block laying, trusses, layout, steel tying, digging, concrete, music and puppets. They like the work classes the best. They seem to be a little shy in music class and distracted in puppets. Once they understand (and experience) how effective the music and puppets classes are, they will have a new enthusiasm for these ministries. They are serving others today through their KP duties.
The team continues to bond with one another and seem to be developing deep friendships among our team and with some team members on other teams with whom they will be debriefing with.
We have begun the “countdown to Commissioning”. Before you know it, we will be on our way to Myanmar!
Devan Brush – This is my third trip with Teen Missions and this is going to sound really strange, but I fall more in love with this place every year! There is something about being cut off from my cell phone and all the drama at school—it is unbelievably refreshing. Out here there is nothing holding me back from falling head over heels in love with my Savior. All day, we have different classes like Bible, block laying, concrete, music, digging, music and puppets and they are all preparing us for the day we travel halfway across the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Myanmar. God did crazy things to bring me here and I am just trying my best to hold on for the ride and learn as much as I can. Praise God!
Grace Reyes – Sometimes if feels like Boot Camp is torture, but I have grown to love many of the different unique experiences at Boot Camp, such as the Obstacle Course which teaches endurance, and team work. The unusual living conditions help me really appreciate the many things and luxuries that we as Americans and Canadians have been blessed with. Boot Camp has taught me many valuable lessons which i will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Braden Leenerts – So far, Boot Camp is going really well. The food is not too bad, the Obstacle Course is fun, and the classes are bearable. The only things I don’t like are the humidity, heat, and the time we have to wake up, but I am willing to put up with these minor “setbacks” to further God’s Kingdom. I’ve gotten to know my team really well and I’ve become great friends with just about all of them. God has been working in my life this past week. I’m not sure what He is doing yet, but I can definitely tell He’s working.
Truman McKay – I was raised in a Christian home and I am here because all six of my family have been on at least two mission trips. From the start of Boot Camp, I have realized how easy I have it at home. On top of that, my team has a strict Christ-learning schedule. With devotions, classes, and the nightly rallies, my relationship with the Lord has really grown. I have realized that when you are closer to God, even the conditions of Boot Camp mean nothing.
Rylan Perkins – I have been here for nearly a week, and already I can feel the Lord working in my life. Being a Former Team Member, I cam prepared. Well, as prepared as anyone can be at the Lord’s Boot Camp! I absolutely love my team. They are always there to support me in the times I want to give up. God has truly shown Himself to me in this short time and I am excited to see how much more He will work in my life this summer.



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