Adventures In Tanzania

Jambo from Beautiful Tanzania! We arrived safely on Wednesday night, but after getting our bags, having out money changed, and 14009 Kilimanjaro Teamstopping for dinner, it was too dark to go back to camp and set up. We decided to stay in a cheap hotel in Boma. In the morning, we had a small breakfast and headed out. We stopped at the house of the man who was keeping all of our equipment safe and loaded up. (We were already cramped… but after adding building supplies and our kitchen, we were more than “comfortable.”  (: )

We got to the base and started unloading and getting organized. Shortly after arriving we found that the local river water was not good for drinking, even after boiling. It is good for bathing, laundry and rinsing things, but  it’s very difficult to filter more than a bucket an hour because it constantly clogs our filters. The solution was to buy water. Today, we bought several barrels that we can fill with clean water from the mountain and transport back to the base. We will have to do this every couple of days, but praise the Lord we have a way to do it and that our kids are now fully-hydrated! We also had to buy a new stove because the old one was missing parts and it’s quite difficult to keep a fire on a windy mountain. Praise the Lord we found one at a decent price that serves our needs.

Today, the team got to start working on the project. They started digging holes for poles and gathering water for mixing concrete/mortar. They will hopefully be able to start laying bricks either today or tomorrow. We also have several boys building us lady leaders counters in the missionary house so that we have a clean area to work. It’s been difficult finding a clean place to prepare so we we’ve been preparing in our laps for now. The counters are looking great and will be wonderful for the team, and for the missionary who will be moving-in come November.

We’re hoping that by the end of today everything will be officially set up now that our dishes are sanitized properly and we have the space we need to work.

To the parents- Your children are doing wonderful. Some of them struggled in Boot Camp but after arriving to Africa, they’re new people. Send them letters of encouragement, they’re going to need it with the rough conditions and all the hard work they’re doing.
I know many of you want testimonies from the kids and pictures… They are coming! We haven’t had much time for the extra things today, but we’ll make it up to you on the next report!
Please pray the team keeps their strength and avoids injuries.




  1. Hey, Beth – There was a Boot Camp email address? Can you please post that here? Thank you!!! Kelli

    • Send encouraging email to your team member! (Note..available during Boot Camp & Debrief Only and will be .25 cents per page)
      To send an email to your team member or leader at Boot Camp the email address will need the team # and First initial and Last name of the person. Also place the team name and the First and Last name of the member in the subject line.
      To: [email protected]

  2. Hey, Keri! Don’t know if you are set up to receive responses on your end (Kinda sounds like the answer to that would be no). But at any rate, I just want to tell you how much we love you and praise God that He hand-picked you to lead this team. You are an amazing woman of God with a true calling unlike any I’ve ever seen. Your heart for people, and especially for youth, is absolutely unmatched. I can think of no one better equipped for such a time as this. Not just your schooling and past mission experience, but I’m talking logistical practicality – All your years of wilderness first aid training, food prep and long-term packouts, your sheer determination, your ingenius God-given creativity (Thinking outside the box … What box? There’s a box?), your unwavering resolve. Even when we were little it was blatantly clear that God had/has extrordinary plans for you. You don’t just show compassion, you live His compassion by His Spirit. You are wise beyond your years and show incredible discernment because you listen to Jesus and do His bidding only. Mom and Dad and me and Mike and the kids are praying for you. Round the clock. I am so blessed that I not only know you, but that I get to call you my sister. You are the best!! The Lord will encamp around you, He will lead you and be your rear guard. The joy of the Lord is our strength, and you are possessed of Joy that far surpasses all understanding. Go forth, love on people, and have fun!! With all respect, love, and affection – Kelli

    • To All Parents, Messages received here for Team Members are not seen by the team members. You will need to email them at their Boot Camp email address.

  3. Thank you for taking such great care of our treasures! I praise God for you as leaders and for the team God put together. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Praying for each of you! Give Caleb a hug for me and tell him I love him! Be strong in the Lord and in HIs mighty power. Eph 6:10. God bless!

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