Cambodia’s Traveling Adventures

From Leader: We arrived in Hong Kong yesterday at 11:00 AM Hong Kong time.  We missed our connection flight to Cambodia due to 14002 Cambodia Teammaintenance issues with our plane from JFK.  We left the airport five hours after our scheduled departure time in JFK and made a stop in Vancouver, Canada on our way to Hong Kong.  Upon our arrival in Hong Kong, we received a new flight that will depart today at 2:30 PM to Phnom Penh.  We received free meals and hotel accommodations from Cathay Pacific.  We are scheduled to arrival at 4:30 pm today in Cambodia.
From Missionary: Team arrived in Cambodia safe and sound. Everybody is healthy, no sicknesses, no injuries. They spent one day at Hong Kong Rigo Airport Hotel, had four meals provided for which they were very thankful for. They are also happy that they had one day to rest, and now they are adjusting to this time zone change better. They also need to go back to camping style after the luxury on the way, they say. Tonight they are not going to make it to the Kampong Chhnang property so they are spending a night in a guesthouse in the closest town. Tomorrow they will  do food shopping and set up camp and kitchen in the daylight. They are planning to spend a day or two getting the motoes ready, do some training on them, get everybody ready again after one week break from driving. Mathew will stay with them the first few days to help with the start, then we have two interns, one male, one female, to help them with translations, travels and supplies in the area. They are good interns, we trust they will do a good job for the team.



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