Cameroon’s Adventures

We are in day four of our normal schedule already, and time continues to fly. Most of the team members are surprised with how fast the days14018 Cameroon Team go by. Time flies when your having fun! We have had a good time in music, drama, and phonics every day of classes so far. We have switched to construction classes every day, and we have been able to learn concrete mixing, structural layout, digging, and trusses so far. Our team has been coming together and starting to rely more on God to build us together as His servants. Last night we had team time after KP (Kitchen Patrol), and had the opportunity to share what God has been doing in all our lives. It was very encouraging to see all the things that God has been doing in everyone’s lives, including the leaders. Lots of hardships that God is helping through, and many say that they are closer to God than they have ever been. Praise the Lord! A couple of the team members have their bumps and bruises from the Obstacle Course and hard work, but all are doing well and spirits are high.
Jessica Codding: “Being unplugged from the world has definitely taught me that there’s more to the person you’re talking to than meets the eye. This is the main reason I love Boot Camp. I get to grow closer to my Savior and make lasting friendships all at the same time. I’m beyond excited to see what God has in store for my team.”
Kathryn Locke: “I really like Boot Camp! I’ve learned to trust God in all that I do, even finding my toothbrush! I love Boot Camp because it’s challenging, like waking up at 5:30 a.m.. We learn lots of about each other, and become unified as a team when we conquer things such as the Wall. The Obstacle Course is sometimes difficult, and you WILL get dirty. However, God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt.”
Natalie Lemoss: “Before I came to Teen MIssions, I was the person who everyone else relied on, the one with advice or help whenever someone needed me. Here, I’ve learned it’s ok for me to rely on others, to ask for help, to acknowledge that I can’t do everything on my own. With the Obstacle Course or simply with everyday things, I’ve become comfortable in asking for help. It’s relieving to not feel responsible for every little thing and it creates a trust and unity between everyone on my team.”
Janelle Benjamin: “I’ve never been in a team sport, so I never really experienced what working as a team was really like. Coming to Teen Missions really taught me about team unity and working with others. It helps you be more disciplined and coorperative. Teen Missions isn’t easy, but we don’t need easy, we need possible.”




  1. I really appreciate these updates. We miss Natalie so much.
    Hearing her words and sharing in the team’s experiences
    Through the updates helps soften the ache. Can’t wait to continue in
    The Journey to Cameroon!

  2. God is on the move in this Cameroon Team! I have tears in my eyes after reading the remarks from the members. PTL!

  3. Parents & Family Members: We have a Facebook page! Please join us in supporting one another while our kids our on this amazing journey!

    Leaders families are also welcome!

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