Chillin’ In Australia

The team has settled into their dorms and last night experienced just how cold it gets during an Australian winter. After 20+ hours of 14001 Australia Teamtravelling and skipping an entire day along the way, we were all exhausted and went to bed early and woke up late. Some of us managed to get in twelve hours of sleep.Today (Thursday for us, Wednesday for our State-side readers) we had home-made coffee cake for breakfast before doing our devotions. After lunch, the team got in a half day of work between one and five. For now, their main goal is to prepare the land where a new chapel is going to built. They’ve worked hard to get rid of all the organic debris in the area so that the earth can be prepared for a foundation to be laid.

Other than the (extremely) chilly night, the weather here is beautiful and perfect for working outdoors. There are virtually no insects to worry about (other than the giant spiders in the dorm rooms…) and there are kangaroos everywhere!

We are looking forward to beginning our regular schedule tomorrow and getting into the swing of things. Pray for the kids! Their days will be packed from here on out, and they’ll need the strength that only God gives in order to do well and stay joyful and healthy.

“I love the Lord. I have been in Australia for one night so far and I have had a chance to see His beauty from the flight here and I can see His wonder in everything around here. This team has become a family and I can see that the Lord brought us together for a reason. God sure is good!” –Jeremy Robbins

“God has blessed this team with so many miracles! We got stuck at the airport, but still made the New Zealand flight. Australia is the most beautiful land I have ever seen. On our bus ride I thought to myself ‘I’m coming back after I leave!’” –




  1. This is great news. I am glad that they are healthy. I also feel that the Austrailian team is filled with God’s blessing.

  2. Melanie Adkison

    So glad you made it! We sent you a letter about 3 days ago, so you should get it soon. Hope we can talk to you soon.
    Andy, Melanie, Jude and Drew

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