A Day In The Life Of The South Africa Team

Here’s a glimpse into what life looks like for the South Africa team at Boot Camp.14028 South Africa Team
5:30am– Rise and Shine: “Good morning South Africa. Time to rise and shine. It’s a beautiful day to serve the Lord. You have five minutes to be at the pavillion.” The flashlights in the tents turn on one by one. The team members quickly gather their belongings, get out of their tents, and head to the pavillion. The team counts off, double checks that we have everything for the day and then we leave for the bathrooms.
6:00am– Rapture Report: All the teams meet at the flag poles for Rapture Report. Here we do another count off and get updates on who won the different events from the previous day including the Obstacle Course “the OC,” Brainstorming, the Cleanliness Award, and the Godliness Award.  Sometimes we even get updates on things happening around the world as well, like the World Cup.
6:15am– The OC:  The team competes in the OC, overcoming many obstacles such as swinging across the Slough, crossing a rope net over water “The Red Sea,” and scaling the Walls. This week we got Phillip, Noah, Hannah H., Kara, Elizabeth, Savannah, Elise, Gracie, Madeline, Emily, Hannah R., Cierra, and Caity over the Wall because they worked so well together as a team!
6:45am– Breakfast: Always a favorite time of the day after all their hard work on the OC.
7:30am– Personal Devotions:  For 30 minutes, all of Boot Camp shuts down and for the only time of the day is completely still and quiet.
8:00am– Bible Hours: After a worship song and a testimony about what God is doing in a country around the world, a speaker, sometimes the director of Teen Missions, Mr. Bland, comes and shares.  This week we have been learning about maturity. One of the verses that stuck out to the team was 1 Corinthians13:11 from his sessions.  We have also been learning about perseverance and how to write out and share our testimonies.
10:00am– Music Class: One of the worship leaders comes to our eating site and we practice different songs that we can use in presentations in South Africa. So far this week, we have worked on the songs “10,000 Reasons” and “This Is Amazing Grace.” (Next week we have drama class instead of music.)
11:00am– Blocklaying Class: We are doing things that we never have or thought we would ever do like using mortar and practice laying cinder blocks. The team has decided that laying blocks in definitely an art form and they are becoming quite good at it!
12:00 noon– Lunch: This is always a good time of food and fellowship with our team. The line us leaders hear more than anything else during meal times is, “I can’t believe how good the food is!  I was expecting school food.”
12:45pm– Brainstorming: A student from the Bible, Missionary, and Work School (BMW) comes and hangs out with us during this time while our leaders have a meeting. With the BMW student, we are given a topic about something pertaining to Teen Missions and we try to come up with creative, plausible ideas.  We are motivated to think hard because the team with the best idea gets to swim in the pool the next day.
1:20pm– Phonics Class: While we tend to be tired in this class since it’s after lunch, our teacher makes this class fun and interactive. We are learning the basics about how to teach phonics to kids overseas in hopes of being able to share with the Gospel with them as well!
2:20pm– Free Time: We usually spend this time relaxing near one of the lakes. This is a good time to get caught up on writing letters, memory verses, go to the store, and many other things. Our team won Brainstorming on Wednesday so they will get to enjoy the pool on Thursday during their free time. Also, if we have gotten a Special Blessing (SB), we serve them during this time. We have kept positive attitudes about serving SBs and have actually enjoyed our SB work projects so far which has been helping build a covered sidewalk near the main office.
3:20– Bath and Laundry Time:  Wash.  Wash.  Wash.  Scrub.  Scrub.  Scrub.  We always smell better after this period!
4:20– Construction Class: We have a different class every day during this period.  So far, we have learned about mixing concrete, laying out a building, tying steel, and digging.
5:30– Dinner Time: We always look forward to dinner after a long day’s work and learning.
7:10– Rally: This is a favorite time of the day for most.  We enjoy some great worship time and different speakers preach.
9:30– Lights Out:  “Good night South Africa.  See you in the morning!”
Boot Camp is certainly an experience! Between it raining after hanging up your laundry, and the business of training, it can be a lot, but the rallies and the friends I’m making makes it worth it. I still miss home, but I think God has amazing plans for us this summer! –Hannah H.
This week at Boot Camp I have been learning about God’s undying love for us and drawing our strength from Him. It is hard for me to fathom that the God of the universe actually cares when I pray for my socks to dry. He cares because He loves us. God cares about the little things and the big things. Nothing is too big or too small for God. I also learned how to draw strength from God. Since we are up from 5:30 in the morning to about 9:30 at night, I have really been drawing strength from the Lord. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me—Philippians 4:13 Caity N.
Boot Camp has been really hard, but definitely exciting and fun. I’ve always thought of myself as a decently organized person but the past few days at Boot Camp have proven me wrong. I’ve lost everything from duct tape to my scrub brush. These things are so small but so important. I always end up praying that God will show me where they are. Sure enough, right when I need them most, I find them. God has always come through for me. –Emily H.
I came to the Lord’s Boot Camp as an outsider. At first, when I arrived, I felt like what I was doing was crazy and I didn’t belong here. So I speak out to those who aren’t believers, but I want to help the world. Just because it’s Christian based doesn’t mean you can’t do it as long as you are strong you can survive and greatly benefit the world and yourself.

Phillip R.



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  1. Hello Boot Campers….
    Over the years, we, my husband and I have been Blessed in helping send may young (and old) missions workers over seas…it is something we love doing and partnering with others to do, to reach the World. My husband has been to Africa several times, so all of these stories I read and am blessed with are familliar. There have been homes, churches, orphanages, water wells, etc….in the making. I loved reading about the building/training phase of your trip. I actually used to mix mortar and lay cinder with my grandfather, many, many moons ago.

    Thank you all for what you are doing there, the time could never have been better spent. You will be blessed, is my prayer, as much as those you are helping. I know this because we have a great, powerful, awesome God.

    God Bless and love to you all….Debra G.

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