Greetings From Ireland!

Today the team started working on thier projects. One half of the team is working on digging out a section for a playground, the other part Ireland workof the team was pulling weeds in a rose garden. The weather was great and the kids worked very hard on the projects that they were given. This was an exceptional day and we look forward to more days like it! We praise the Lord for the amount of work that the team got done.
The team is about 10 percent complete on the playground and part of the team started preparing for our next project which will be building a wall and pillars for a roof to keep the rain from falling on the oil change that holds the oil which heat their building.
We look forward to going to church this Sunday as well as thier Wednesday night meeting. We also hope and pray to be able to do some sort of evangelism to the Irish people here in Ireland.
Hey everyone! Ireland is amazing! It is truly one of God’s masterpieces The past few days have been filled with excitement of the work to come and joys of growing closer to the team. This team is a great group of people who are all willing to go above and beyond for the Lord. I am so happy to see what we are going to accomplish this next month. Please pray for strength wisdom and teamwork for long but short days to come. –Abbi Denyer
Before I came to Teen Missions, I did not spend much time at all reading the Bible. When I came here and started reading outside I actually enjoyed it a lot. Being here in Ireland helps me to enjoy God’s creation even more. We blessed while we were traveling here with no one getting lost from our team and no bad weather while we were flying. I love it in Ireland and I love Teen Missions. Please pray for spiritual growth and safety as we work. – Darren Landis




  1. Way to go team! I’m so glad your’e enjoying out out there! We continue to pray for unity,health,safety and growth in you all!

  2. Great to hear all is going well. CatieBeth, we miss you!

  3. Clarence Martell

    So proud of all of you! Keep up the great work! You are all always in our prayers:) Enjoy all that you do and see in Jesus’ name! We love you!!!!!!

  4. Holly and Brad Kahn

    You’re in our prayers, Team Ireland! We’d love to see more photos.

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