Holy Land Is Settling In

Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, we went through Immigration which was smooth sailing, got our luggage and made our way to Customs expectingHope School to be there for quite some time from what we had been told. Israel is quite thorough with inspections…we were waved right through. We had been praying that the Lord would go before us and make our way safe and without incident but that was quite a surprise! We made it out to the  airport lobby but there was no one to meet us. A quick phone call to TMI was made and we waited to hear from them.  Our team had devotions and then we gathered for prayer concerning our situation. We got a call from TMI with contact phone numbers and we’re able to contact Hope school. We were able to get three taxi vans which took us directly to Hope School. There was a wonderful meal ready for us which we enjoyed. By this time, it was very late so we got settled into our rooms. Our project is now landscaping the small diner on the grounds which will open to the public soon and hopefully return some profit to the school. Sounds like they are struggling financially here.  Everyone is in good spirits and doing well.
Philip Herzog – Israel is a wonderful, beautiful, hilly landscape that whispers of ancient history. As a writer, I look down at the valley of Elah, where the Philistine and Israelites battled. We daily hear the Muslim’s calls to prayer and the dynamics of the whole experience will forever change my appreciation for our faith. For starters, Israel is full of many thorny plants. As we started working today, I found multiple different types of plants with gnarly thorns and even several painful bushes. They all remind me of the crown Christ wore and the terrible scourge the Romans gave Him before the cross could easily feel like he was thrown and dragged through Israel’s many thorns.  In all, I am very much enjoying the Holy Land adventure and am waiting to see so much more!
Madeline Yoder – This is my first year at Teen Missions. I am on the Holy Land team and we just arrived here in Israel two days ago. We are staying in the dorm at Hope Secondary School. Our original job was to build a security wall but when we arrived here the wall was already finished. We are now shelling them, cleaning up the property and doing landscaping next to a restaurant they would like to open. The experience has been amazing and we haven’t even been here for a week yet. It’s so cool how you can feel God’s presence in this country. Israel is a beautiful piece of land and I am thrilled to be able to spend my summer here while serving The Lord.




  1. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    Sorry if this is redundant, the first time it didn’t seem to go through so I thought I had lost it! Thus, I started over again… then resubmitted the comment! BLESSINGS TO ALL & SHALOM!

  2. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    Blessings to ALL the HOLY LAND Team and thank you Philip and Madeline for your updates. We are soooooooo grateful to “hear” the news. Checking Hope’s site and TMI sites is a normal part of our day now. You are all such a blessing to Hope as you are the hands and feet of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. May HE give you all the strength and courage you need to get the job done… YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES YOU STRENGTH! 🙂 BIG HUG FOR ALL OF YOU FROM THE SALAZAR FAMILY!

  3. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    Thank you Teen Missions Team Members Philip and Madeline for your updates! We are grateful to you both. We are checking through the day to “hear” how you all are doing. Praying you truly experience the presence of God which will carry you through life. Be blessed as you are the hands and feet of Yeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah. We believe in ALL of you… 🙂 BIG HUGS FOR THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

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