The Honduras team has started settling into ​the routine of Boot Camp life. They can now get ready for the day in just over five minutes.14020 Honduras Team Team unity is improving daily as they work together during the morning Obstacle Course. Although we have disqualified every day, they have great success climbing the Wall. Many of the boys say this is their favorite part of the day. After a quick but delicious breakfast, the Honduras team has enjoyed devotions and heard many great messages from Mr. Bland and then it’s off to a day of classes. The team has done very well in their puppet classes. They have a lot of enthusiasm and can be very dramatic! They have also learned action songs and balloons. After lunch the team should be tired from the hard work of the morning, but they seem to be full of energy and put it to good use brainstorming ideas for Teen Missions. In the afternoon the team takes advantage of bath and laundry time using their handy buckets, and they are becoming pretty good at it. On Thursday they were able to go swimming becuase they won the Cleanliness Award. Later in the afternoon the team has had blocklaying classes and music. They sing very well together and are looking forward to presenting their songs in Honduras. Evening rallies are also a highlight. All the teens love moving and grooving to the fun songs, and their passion for God during the worship songs is wonderful to see. After a powerful evening message the team should be ready to fall into their beds, but they still seem to pull energy from somewhere.  After eight short hours of sleep they are ready for another day packed with learning and fun!
Cadeyn– The Lord’s Boot Camp is definitly not for the faint of heart, from a physical stand point, but not from a spiritual stand point. The pastors here are spectacular, and do not beat around t he bush. Every message i’ve felt like they’ve spoken directly to me. I definitly feel like God’s working on my heart, as well as everyone else. The conditions here are great for getting you out of “the scene” back home, and do a great job of getting your heart set back on God. Sure, I miss my family, best friends and girlfriend, but God is doing a work on my heart here.
Daniel– I’ve learned that life is not all ways easy. I learned that we need to work together in order to make things work, to rely more on God.
Simona- The first week of Boot Camp taught me that this summer is not about me and the harsh conditions that we face every day only prove that. Being a part of a big team has both advantages as well as disadvantages. The Lord has been showing us and teaching us how to cooperate and unify as a team with one goal this summer which is to serve Jesus Christ.
Helena– My first week of Boot Camp is going really well. I’m growing closer to the Lord every day. I’ve also learned a lot about patience while i’ve been here. God has definitely tested me on several occasions, but the process has only pushed me toward God. Overall, Boot Camp has been a great experience.



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