Italy/Greece Backpack

These past few days a Boot Camp have been challenging but still awesome for everyone on the team. God is doing mighty things. Through 14021 Italy Teamthe O.C., the team has been growing closer and becoming more unified as well as through the numerous classes they are taking. They are excelling at drama class and puppet class, receiving multiple praises from both teachers. They also seem to thoroughly enjoy it. Their smiling faces bring joy to our hearts! Monday, they served on KP (Kitchen Patrol) which is an opportunity that most people see as a chore. However, our team loved every moment of it and by the end of the day were already asking when we would be serving again. They have a servants heart and took KP very well. They also had another opportunity to serve by getting the “Piggy” award. Twice. Thus, they spent their free time those two days cleaning the bathhrooms, they didn’t enjoy that one as much … hopefully they are leaning how to maintain an attitude of cleanliness is next to Godliness—partially because us leaders aren’t fond of kissing a pig every time we get the Piggy award. Piggy, as well as all of the other trials at Boot Camp, have really made the team realize how blessed they truly are, many have expressed gratitude and appreciation for the comfortable lives they live at home and the amazing love shown to them by their parents. So shout out to all y’all who have raised such beautiful, kind souls and for being willing to relinquish your grasp on them for the summer to send them out to do the Lord’s work.

“Boot Camp had really taught me the power of prayer. The way I saw God’s hand work, is about three days ago I was feeling really down and sick. I asked for prayer from my team and for three days they really prayed and today I FEEL GREAT! Praise God! Boot Camp is very hard and at the same time very fun, I love this place.” – Shad Brown

“This year at Boot Camp, I was very organized and prepared, but God had some things in store for me that I didn’t expect (and I know that He will continue that trend). I got bad heat rash on my foot (which is being treated), and I still fall into the Slough ever O.C. In many ways, my experience last year really helped for this year. It’s still hard, but I’m having a great time!” -Danielle Starmer
“Boot Camp has not been nearly has impossible as I thought it would be. I have loved drama class the best, rallys have been so encouraging and bucket baths are strangely satisfying. Boot Camp has shown me that I am capable of more than I thought. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” – Annika Lee
“To have the opportunity to come to Boot Camp is outstanding. I want to shout a thank you to everyone who has been praying for me because the first few days were challenging but the Lord has helped me no matter how stubborn I am. Thank you, Jon, Briley, and Grace!” – Arthur Fillingim



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