Malawi #1 Is Loving Malawi!

Greetings from Malawi! What an incredible journey thus far! We have been here for just over a day and we are already in love with Africa. 14010 Malawi NAfter traveling for over 24 hours on three separate flights, then taking a two-hour truck ride through the beautiful African countryside, the team was pretty tired. We were extremely grateful for the hot meal waiting for us, prepared by our gracious Missionary team, Josiah and Bethany. We hunkered down for a restful and much needed night’s sleep, and awoke the next day to beautiful weather, perfect for the hand washing that the team needed to do. We were blessed to have a tour of our base and Lake Malawi here in Chipoka, where we have been spending the last two nights. We have seen a large variety of insects so far, mainly some very large spiders that most of the team (including myself) have NOT been fond of, but we are just trying to praise God for the wonderful creatures He is showing us. Some team members even heard monkeys on our roof this morning. Other than a couple minor soar throats and head colds from traveling, the team is in excellent condition and everyone has such a positive attitude that it’s almost impossible to feel blue. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the highlight of our trip so far was the special concert we were given this evening under the stars by our new BMW friends. Everyone sat there in awe as the most beautiful music we have heard was lifted up to God in worship by these beautiful African people. Afterward, we shared our music with them as the team preformed in front of about 26 Malawians. We are now off to sleep to prepare for our nine-hour truck ride tomorrow up to our final destination­ RUMPHI! We will check in with all of you when we arrive. Thank you parents for this wonderful bunch of kids. They are such a joy to have with us. Please remember to keep us in your prayers for safety, strength, wisdom and love and I look forward to writing you again from Rumphi! With Love from the Warm Heart of Africa!

I made it alive! Malawi is awesome! The food is good. I woke up and the sun was out, which was really weird. We’re going to Rumphi tomorrow. Yay! -Leah Jeffery

We have successfully made it to Malawi! Praise God! I can’t believe I’m here. It’s so different here and so beautiful. We are right next to Lake Malawi, which is amazing, and the mountains here are gorgeous. The people here are really nice and the weather here is perfect too. I can’t wait until we start our project in Rumphi. Please continue to pray for safe traveling and good health while we are here. -Caitlin Via

Over the long days of traveling, I have already gotten to know my team. We all come from very diverse backgrounds, different denominations, circumstances, locations, and all of us with different reasons for coming to Malawi this summer. I just find it so amazing how we can all come together for one common purpose: to grow in Christ while serving and glorifying Him in all we do. We may not all always like each other, but we can always come together in the unconditional love of Christ. I am so excited to see how God will work through each of us to further his Kingdom! -Lydia Fitzgerald

After a long flight, we arrived in Malawi. Mr Josiah and Mrs. Bethany loaded us and all our bags into the back of a truck and took us to the Chipoka base where we are staying for two nights. On the way to the base, we waved to the friendly locals and viewed the beautiful outdoors along the way. Starting Friday, we will be in Rumphi and will begin our work. -Aspen Conley

Hey everybody! We finally made it! This place is so beautiful and the people are so friendly. Yesterday, on the truck ride, literally everybody waved and smiled at us. It was unusual for someone not to. From the back porch, we have a beautiful view of Lake Malawi. God’s hand is definitely upon us. Nobody has thrown up, we only lost nine duffels, and only saw three fist-sized spiders. 🙂 Everyone is great and so excited! -Nathalie Yoder

Hey, we are in Malawi! Got done with Boot Camp and it’s great here. We had a great flight over here and got all of our bags back! The weather is great here and it’s so beautiful. Having an awesome time! -Anslie Yoder



  1. Yoder family
    we miss you here in Florida
    Isabella: Whitnie I really miss you
    CG: Emma and I cant wait till you come back to dance
    Manning says Hey
    love, the Henley Family

  2. James and Julianne Powers

    So glad you all made it safely. So, did the nine lost bags finally join you in Malawi?

  3. Amazing! So excited for the team! I remember from my own TMI experiences what a wonderful experience it was to finally leave Boot Camp and arrive overseas. Praise God for the beauty and warmth of peoples all over the world. May the sun keep shining on the Malawi team. So proud of my friend Raewyn – may she and the whole team be blessed!

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