Malawi #2 Is Growing

Malawi #2 has seen so much growth as individuals and as a team. We are learning to adjust to the rigors of the training schedule and are

Part of our team in puppet class!

Part of our team in puppet class!

settling into a routine. We are being trained in phonics (teaching English as a second language), puppets and have attended construction classes in Concrete, Digging, Carpentry and Building Layout. In the morning sessions we’ve had classes on Maturity from Bob Bland and training in Personal Evangelism. Here’s a few more testimonies from our team… Enjoy!

This camp has taught me many things so far, things such as how to meet new friends, keep a friendship and be in a team. You can’t always get your way and need to keep on pressing on. There is no such thing as giving up. You just persevere and grow more with your relationship in Christ. – Ally Wall

This camp has really taught me how easy we as North Americans have it. I feel like I’ve been taken way out of my comfort zone and I’ve grown as a result of it. Even though Boot Camp teaches you tons, I’m excited to get to Malawi and start using what I’ve learned. – Heather Lex
Today I have spent a week with some of the most amazing girls, three incredible leaders, and so many awesome others here at Boot Camp. Each day is definitely a learning adventure for us all. I am so grateful for my time here and it has most definitely shown me things in my life that I take for granted. In those times when I am exhausted and I just don’t think I can last anymore, I am constantly reminded that when I am weak then I am strong because of Jesus…”For the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). I am also reminded that my focus should be completely on Jesus instead of myself. I am so thankful for this experience and I am super excited to see what the days ahead will hold.
– Meredith Stack



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