Ecuador’s At Boot Camp

All 28 members and leaders of the Ecuador Bike team have arrived safely  (five leaders, five girls and 18 boys!).  Attitudes have been great Ecuador Flagas we’ve kept busy with Registration, drinking water, unloading, moving into tents, drinking water, cleaning up, Orientation Class and drinking water!  We had KP duty on Thursday night where our team got to serve dinner to the other Preteen teams. They were really excited about getting to do this and did a great job.  At our first evening rally, Mr. Steve Petersen shared about Paul and Silas’ missionary journey and how their response to being beaten and imprisoned was to worship and praise God in the middle of it, knowing that God had not abandoned them regardless of their circumstances.  It was a timely message for the first night of Boot Camp!  Jeremy, Joelle, Parker, Silas, Travis, and Andrew all volunteered to help Mr. Petersen act out the message.  It was fun seeing so many Ecuador kids on stage, jumping right in!  We were in for a big surprise at rally when we found out Miss Piggy had indeed inspected our tent sites on Thursday.  We didn’t hold out much hope though (since we thought she wasn’t starting inspections until the next day)!  I think we all were gearing up for cleaning the bathrooms during free time on Friday (the consequence for losing at Miss Piggy).  I’m not sure who was more excited–the leaders or the kids–when Miss Piggy announced, “First place…..Ecuador!!!”  It’s not that cleaning the bathrooms is a horrible job because, as Mrs. Maher pointed out during Orientation, “We all like clean bathrooms.”.  But knowing that on Friday we would get to spend our free time in the pool for coming in first was a WONDERFUL way to end a very busy, very hot, first day.  Even the storm that rolled in right after getting the last team member in their tent before lights out didn’t dampen their spirits.  (I wish I could say the same for the inside of their tents!)  But there were no tears or cries of alarm at the thunder, and they woke up this morning excited (and a little nervous) about running the OC!
Friday:  We ran the Obstacle Course (OC) for the first time and the team did a GREAT job.  Faith, Elijah, Parker, Silas, Alex, Travis, Andrew, Darren, Payton, and Cheese (Josh) all made it across the slough on their first try!  And Bada, Matthew, Payton, Travis and Cheese all made it over the wall.  We’ve had a busy day today with block laying class, music class, and Brainstorming…followed by bike class and SWIMMING IN THE POOL!  We’ve only had three kids with a few bouts of homesickness, but it never lasts for long as we’re soon on to our “next thing”!  The team is excited about having a team cheer ready for rally tonight.  We’re hoping to win at Miss Piggy again tonight, or maybe at Brainstorming–either of which will earn us another swim in the pool tomorrow.  🙂
In response to being asked (on Thursday afternoon) “What are you most excited about now that you’re at BC?”:
Josh (C):  “I’m most excited for sleeping…and I guess the OC.”
Berea:  “I’m most excited for the airport because it has air conditioning.”
Payton:  “I’m excited for cold water at the end!”
In response to being asked what their first thoughts were about Boot Camp:
Garrett:  “Hot.  Sticky.”  (Said with a smile!)
John:  “It’s not comfy  It’s super, super hot!”  (As he pulled out the hand-held fan he bought at the BC store.)
Abraham:  “It’s hot.  I’m looking forward to getting in water….water…water!”
Parker:  (About an hour after a bout of homesickness that we talked and prayed together about):  “Before you talked with me, I decided I wasn’t going to go swimming.  But now I’m all clear!”  (And he definitely enjoyed the pool!)
Parents, thank you for entrusting your children to us! (Really, to the Lord.)  They are a GREAT group of kids and we love them already!  ~The leadership




  1. I just wanted to send out a big thank you for this update and especially having the opportunity to see my son on webcasts and photo gallery now. Thank you for all your great leadership. Go Ecuador!

  2. Cassandra Harrison

    We appreciate everyone’s hard work with team Ecuador. Payton we love and miss you. Grant and Montha says hi. Enjoy the rest of boot camp. Great team work guys. Love Harrison family.

  3. So excited that my niece is part of the ‘brave 5’ and getting to serve God in such an amazing way. We are praying for you and do appreciate getting to read what they are doing.

  4. Great job, Team Ecuador, on winning a pool outing! And, thank you to all the Leaders of Team Ecuador, for your selfless service. God bless everyone! We are praying for you.

  5. Thank you so much for the update! We continue to pray for everyone on the team. Thanks again for serving The Lord in this way. We know that you have been hand picked for this team!! We can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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