Malawi Tree Planting Is Doing Great At Boot Camp!

All of the team members arrived safely and moved into their tents. All together we have 17 Preteens, 10 boys and 7 girls. They went to theirMALAWI first rally and learned about Paul and Silas, and how they worshiped God even though times got tough. They all enjoyed the music as well as the message that was given by Mr. Steve Petersen. We then all prayed as a team and went to bed.
Friday: We all woke up at 5:30 am and went off to run the Obstacle Course. Samuel Chicas led the team through as Samuel Ok encouraged those in the back to keep going. They all finished with smiles on there faces. Today was their first day of classes. They started out with Music class, where they learned how they will present there songs and what order everyone will be in. After that they had Carpentry class where they learned how to properly use a saw. They also participated in Brainstorming where they came up with creative ways to use ketchup to share the Gospel. Then we had some free time where they goofed off and had a blast getting to know one another more.
The weather has been really hot so far, and on Thursday night it rained and rained and rained. Fortunately, everyone was in their tent when it started. Unfortunately, it rained so much that some of the tents flooded so the kids doubled up once we figured out which tents were dry! Florida weather can make things challenging, but we all survived.
We look forward to more classes this next week. God is growing the team and leaders closer together as a family with the things we are learning and the fun times we are having.
Averi Fillmore: – “I have been a Christian for as long as i remember. So far Boot Camp is not much different from any other camp to me. My favorite part of Boot Camp is going over the Slough (where you swing over a big ditch with ropes). I have seen God in many ways, one way is during the Obstacle Course. I saw how God helped all of us get through as a team and how we helped one another. One of the things I have learned since I have been here is how we will be presenting to other groups overseas (by standing in the right order and introducing myself). I am having a blast and hope we get to go swimming soon.”
 – “So far I love Boot Camp. God has taught me to be ready for anything. I am having lots of fun and am making some good friends. I cannot wait to learn more, and to see all what God has in store for the team this summer.”



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  1. Thank you for the updat, We have been waiting for word. prayers for the team and your work. We parents couldn’t be more proud of our children. Pray for the leaders and the new kids. Miss seeing pics of my girl and haven’t seen her in the OC prayers for the team and her to make it through. I love my girl xoxox mom

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