A Day In The Life Of The DR Team

We have been at BC for about a week now.  Since you aren’t here with us, we thought we would let you know what a day in the life of our 19 Dominicanwonderful team would be like.

At 5:30AM , Mike wakes up the team.  We have five minutes to get ready to leave.  Lia, Seuraya, and Elizabeth are always some of the first to be ready.  At 6:15AM, we run the OC.  Tristen, Cody, and Chris have all been front flag runners which means they lead the team through the course.  Matt volunteered to be the back flag one day, to encourage those who  may not be as fast as the rest.  At 7AM, we eat breakfast.  Everyone seems to love breakfast.  Baked Oatmeal is a team favorite.  At 7:30, everything stops for 30 minutes of personal devotions. Between8 and 10 AM, we have two Bible Hour classes.  Different speakers teach about the many issues facing teenagers today.  Lauren, Olivia, Brianna, and Nolan seem to really be getting into these classes.  Between 10 and 12 NOON, we have classes on practical skills that we will need for the field.  Some of these classes include digging, carpentry, and concrete.  Trace, Sammy, and Evan really like the physical labor involved in these classes.  Mike stays with the team during these classes, so that Anne can go to cooking class.  Snacks like tortillas and pancakes have been a welcome result from these cooking classes.  Lunches like mac n’ cheese and potato soup have also been a yummy product from the classes.  At 12:45PM, we have Brainstorming.  All teams compete to see who can come up with the best idea or solution to a particular topic.  The winners get to swim in the pool during their Free Time!  Our “big thinkers” are Nicholas, Zak, Dylan, and Christina.  From 1:30-3:30PM, we have more classes.  Puppets, Music, Drama, and Blocklaying are some of the funnest.  Michelle is our Drama teacher…the team really likes how she pronounces “drama”.:)  Callie, Aleyna, and Emily shine in Music and Blocklaying.  3:30-4:30 is FREE TIME!  We all cherish this time to relax and fellowship together…as long as we don’t have any SB’s to serve!  4:30-5:30PM is Bath and Laundry time.  Bathing and laundry are both done using buckets of lake water.  We are blessed to have a campsite right next to the lake!  5:30 signals supper time.  The day is almost done and it is nice to sit back and relax without having to rush to our next thing.  Kenya, Isabelle, and Lily (Mike and Michelle’s children) love getting to eat with the team and the team loves to play and connect with them.  At 7:10PM, rally starts.  Here we get to sing and worship together as a whole BC.  Kaniela and Anastasia love to get up and sing with all the rest of BC at the front of the Big Top.  Our whole team is touched by the message…many of our teammates have gone forward during the Invitation for prayer and counseling.  9:30PM is bedtime at last!
We hope this helps give you an idea of what a normal day for us looks like.  Tomorrow, two additional leaders will be joining our team.  We are all excited for Jamie and Emanuel White’s arrival.  We love our team and want to thank you parents for sharing your sons and daughters with us this summer.  We covet your prayers, so please keep on praying for us!  GREAT things are happening in our team.
Callie Waldrep – “BC is bittersweet.  On one side, it is gross, exhausting, and sweaty.  On the other, it is also refreshing.  God is proving to me that I don’t need anything but Him.  I don’t need technology, society, fast food, chocolate, or showers.  I love sleeping outside so close to His creation.  I am so glad He is preparing me for such an extraordinary summer.”
Matthew Gould – “We all arrived at BC about a week ago.  I arrived Thursday night and have the pleasure to meet the greatest team ever.  We have 23 team members on the team.  We are getting two additional leaders tomorrow.  They are former BMW students.  Mike and Michelle have three kids that I look forward to hanging out with every night.  Commissioning is six days away and I can’t wait.  I miss you and I love you so much!”
Evan Dean – “As I sit at dinnertime, I look around at my group of 22 others.  In the last couple of days, I have seen us go from strangers to a team who can work together.  I am glad to sit here beside them, my leaders and am watching and waiting as we prepare to go to the DR.”
Nick Crutchfield – “BC is tough.  Every day is a struggle.  It’s dirty, hot, and tiring but fun in a weird way.  I’m learning a lot of stuff in my classes and I’m losing weight all the time.  So yeah, it is hard but I think it might be worth it in the end.”
Nolan Perkins – “I have been a pastor’s kid for the last four years.  I said the “ask God into your heart” prayer when I was five.  I was young at the time.  I was on fire for Christ for a while.  I was a seed that fell on thorns and weeds.  It wasn’t until I came here at BC that I truly got saved, eight years from my first encounter with God.  My dad was a pastor in Utah.  I met a girl passing through.  I tried to evangelize with her but she asked a question that I had never thought about before.  “Why do I believe what I believe?” and that stuck to me like super glue!  I did not know what I believed!  I came to BC thinking about travel.  On my second rally, my leader showed me  the way to Christ.”
Cody Colon – “BC is the essence of the description: early rising, strict rules and tough classes.  The days are long and filled with action and fun.  Bathing is done with buckets, the same as washing your clothes.  The singing and the OC are amazing.  I miss my mom as well as the rest of my family.”




  1. Chrsitie Walsh

    Is Evan Dean a new team member? I have not seen his name on the list but it is mentioned in the update.

  2. This is great news! Can’t wait to meet them on the 3rd!
    Thank you TMI!

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