Haiti Has Had A Lot Of Adventures

The Haiti team is doing awesome, folks! We are enjoying this lovely weekend off from work, and looking forward to what we can get 06 Haitiaccomplished in this upcoming week. We have some exciting news to share, the team members are going to be able to help out with the older church members who are learning English by speaking to them for a couple hours every Saturday and Sunday, they seem to be enjoying this a lot already! Some of the team members are talking to the students as this is being written, it is awesome to see the interactions they have between the Haitian nationals both young and older. Some more new things we will be doing this week is holding “fun ministry nights” every night at 6:00 for the children of the city! There will be 25 kids per night coming to see the presentations and play games with all the team members. We will be presenting puppets, and will be singing as well as playing the games. Also, on Wednesday nights we will be holding presentations for the whole church here so that will be exciting as well, looking forward to seeing what God has in store in these nights that the team does these presentations! We will be continuing to dig the foundation and do block-making throughout the week as well and hope to get the security wall started as soon as possible. It has been hot.. But we are all getting used to the weather, slowly but surely! We attended church this morning at the project site, it was a neat experience, some was translated and some was not, but the kids seemed to enjoy it all the way through, even going up without any practice and doing a song in front of the church. This evening (Sunday), we will be attending another church which is away from the project site and the whole team is looking forward to being able to see what this church will be like and to go somewhere new. We are expecting to do a presentation there as well, just singing though, no puppets tonight, but still, it is exciting to be able to minister to these people! We have been able to have soda and Gatorade brought in for the kids who want to purchase some, (ice cold I might add), they really enjoy this, it is a blessing to everyone! They have already bought souvenirs, and look forward to buying more and more. We switched tent mates for the 3rd time today that is always a fun facet since it gives the team members a chance to grow close to each and every one of the others. Though, with only four guys on the team they are already very close, and so are the girls, but it is another dimension when they share tents together. The team members really enjoy the mangoes here, very juicy and very tasty, thought that would be a fun fact to share with you all! The evening devotions are going grand, and Belle Collins and Kasie Ness will be leading them tonight. Prayers are definitely appreciated, we need them, also prayers for the ministry here, church growth, for the missionary Bob Swan, the Pastor, Tony, and for the people of Haiti as a whole, thank you all! James 1:27. God is continually bringing us closer together as a team, each person has unique gifts that this team could not do without, and we thank Him for who He has placed on this team, and the unity we have built since we came together in the beginning of June, to God be the glory!
Caleb Lynum: Since I’ve gotten to “The Compound,” I’ve learned a new definition of hot. Sweat soaks your shirt and drips from your arms and head. But with each drop of perspiration that falls down from my skin, I know that it is all devoted to the Lord’s service. Having English classes with the nearby people has shown me how passionate they can be for God. It has made me realize how much I still have to give to my Lord. Each day gives me strength and drains it from me, but love it. I love it here, particularly the people.
Ellie Gleason: Greetings from Haiti! Such a rad and different culture I am in here. The team has a lot of opportunities to be with the street children, and each child is oh so special and very loveable. I am staying hydrated in this heat, thank Got for Boot Camp. Being here in Haiti has been a learning experience, each new year with Teen Missions is. And I am excited to see what the rest of the summer holds for us and our project.
Alice Hoyt: Today we worshipped with the church that meets on the orphanage property. Though I could not understand most of the teaching (most in Creole), I could tell that everyone was worshipping God. It was also neat to hum along with the songs. A lot of the people on our team got to participate in the service, because we stood and sang “Our God,” as special music during the offering. In the afternoon we practiced verse quizzing and our presentations for this week. It has been nice to have some downtime to recharge for more construction work on Monday.
Jack Kawell: So we’ve been in Haiti about a week now and we’re really hitting our stride. The whole team has settled into overseas life and the next few weeks are going to be a blast. We’re going to be starting our musical presentations this coming week and hopefully God will use it to really touch the hearts of the people here. I’ve got a big shout out to everyone back home! I love you guys so much! And though Bobbi’s (lady leader), cooking is fantastic, I’m really missing true home cooked meals. See you all in three weeks! Can’t wait!




  1. Prayers continue for the team and team leaders…sounds like you are all doing an awesome job for the Lord…Praise God!! Love to all, but especially my Molly…love you, sweetie….bunches….

  2. Prudence Franklin

    Nice report, the team is definitely setting in. I am happy to see that they are bonding as a team, this will make them even more effective together when the people of Haiti see how much they love each other and the lord.
    I will continue to pray for the team.

  3. Yes a big thank you from me also!!! We are all praying for you!! Give my Abigail my love!!

  4. Very happy to get these updates. We will pray for all of you daily , please remind kids they need to WRITE HOME also. Thank you 🙂

  5. Can’t say enough how much we appreciate the lengthy reports. Thank you to all the leaders who are pouring into our children on the team. We continue praying for all of you and look forward to hearing all about the ministry upon your return!

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