Hello from team Madagascar!

Hello from team Madagascar! It’s been a hot and humid past few days here in Florida. Though the team hasn’t been particularly enjoying the 14022 Madagascar Teamweather, they’ve powered through it like champions and are excited about starting their final week here at Boot Camp. We’ve had an exciting last couple of day’s here at The Lord’s Boot Camp. Each team raised money for Aids Orphans and Haley was Madagascar’s representative chosen to present the money the team raised. On Saturday we watched the Teen Missions film “Mud, Sweat , and Cheers” which depicts the uplifting story of some struggling Boot Campers. There was also the treat of popcorn during the film, which Haley, Christian, and Mary Margaret enjoyed very much. Teen Missions also has display rooms that feature photos and models of all of the different Teen Missions locations, as well as some interesting artifacts from different countries. The team had the opportunity to tour these rooms on Sunday and started getting very excited to go to Madagascar after seeing the base there and where they would be staying. They also had and exciting class on Saturday where they were taught about Sunday schools in the bush in Madagascar and how to teach them. We’ve been training everyday for two hours on the motorcycles and practicing a lot of different skills as well. These skills include: tire weaving and slaloms, hills stops, emergency stops, getting out of ruts, driving both ways on the track, and stopping at turns in the ‘village’. Everyone is proving their comfort and skill on the bikes, with Mellina showing a lot of natural talent. So far there have been no injuries, and we will keep praying (and ask that you do too) for that good fortune to continue. We finished drama and phonics last week and the team looks forward to continuing their new classes of music and puppets this week, as well as Commissioning on Saturday!
Abby Welton – I feel so blessed this year as God has given me a fantastic team. He continues to pull me through each day. I’m so excited to see what all God has in store for my personal relationship with Him. I pray each day that God will give me the endurance to finish the race He has set before me.
Danae Kostner – This Boot Camp I have learned to trust God. I’ve continued to learn that the Lord is my strength and that I need Him, and I need to be in His Word every day.
I pray throughout the day as we go through our training on the bikes. And so far the Lord has been gracious to my team and I. Training is coming along well and is very fun!
Erin Stern – When I was getting ready to go to Boot Camp, I had no idea what I was getting into, but I was ready for anything. I just promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those stereotypical Christians because I thought that’s what this camp would be full of. I was wrong and I’m gaining a whole new family. I don’t think I’m changing much, except for maybe outwardly. I have always yearned to get a closer relationship with God, now I have more of a chance than usual and I take the opportunity . I suppose it’s helping me to act more tolerant to people that kind of annoy me sometimes. I believe this will be a life-changing experience and I will grow spiritually and mature in many ways. I’m ready to find out what will happen.




  1. Can someone give their address for in Madagascar?

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