Honduras Has Become A Unified Team

The Honduras team has been growing in unity so much these past few days. There have been struggles, but these are also 14020 Honduras Teamgrowing us together. On Saturday we decided to run the Obstacle Course as a group to support each other. We won that day, and since then team unity has been much better. We are truely becoming a family. All families have quirks and struggles still, but we are learning to love and look for the best in each individual. We are also learning the strengths of each team member and the leaders have loved to see the willingness of team members to do the tasks we assign to them.
We have concluded our construction classes with carpentry and steel tying as well as puppets, but now we are moving on to drama and evangelism classes. On Friday we had the chance to learn about the Motorcycle Sunday School ministry of Teen Missions and on Saturday we had a tour of the Teen Missions Display Room which covers all of the ministries put on by this organization. There is so much of the world to reach, but Teen Missions is certainly doing it’s part. After the tour the team had the opportunity to walk through the life-sized tabernacle.
With our busy Boot Camp schedule, the Honduras team has enjoyed another day in the pool for winning Brainstorming as well as swimming in the lake on Sunday. The team continues to enjoy the evening rallies’ music and speakers. ​We are having an awesome time at Boot Camp and are greatful for the opportunity to grow as a team before heading out to serve the Lord.
I remember thinking, “Why did I do this again?” during the first couple days. I felt like the ugly duckling, like someone who didn’t really fit into the group. Now here we are in the second week and I really feel like our team is starting to become a family. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in us and through us this summer  – Meredith McGowan
At Boot Camp I have learned that God is always there for me and that He answers my prayers. I have learned that His love will last forever and that He will love an protect us. I have learned these things through music, drama, bible class and rally. Our God is an awesome God and His love will endure forever. God, through my Bible and prayer, has helped me a lot with Boot Camp both physically and mentally. I have learned so much at Boot Camp and I hope to learn more on the field.     – Courtney Brenner-Kincaid
When I decided to come on Teen Missions I thought Boot Camp was going to be the hardest thing of my life, but now I’m here and it has been an amazing time of growing closer to the Lord. The rallies have been the best thing ever and I love the music. Boot  Camp rocks!   – Elisa Owens
Boot Camp has been is challenging, but I am learning more than I ever have about having a relationship with God. I am learning to rely wholly on Him, because here at Boot Camp I could not make it through one day without Him. I probably couldn’t even go one hour in my own strength. I am learning that in Christ we find our heart’s desires. Even when we have nothing in this world we have everything in God! When we have nothing we can still praise God because nothing can separate us from His love or change the realitiy that we are blessed in Him! Paul’s words have more real meaning when he says, “Yet indeed I also count all things as loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I  have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that i may gain Christ. ” (Philippians 3:8)  – Emma Berdino
Before I came to the Lord’s Boot Camp my life was not a Christian one. I was struggling with school, friends, and family. It was like I was pushing Jesus under the rug and forgot about Him. I signed up for the trip a week before Boot Camp started. When I got here it was as if my inner Christian self woke up.  I have learned many things here and am looking forward to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    – Donny Hackett




  1. Love to hear that the Honduras team is learning and growing. I hope my son Logan is a part of that development – I haven’t seen him in the big top for 4 meetings, so I am concerned. I hope he is right there in with all of you.

  2. Unity is a very good thing. When you start working together and putting God first, things will start working together for the glory of God. I can remember when I went on a team in 88, I was one of the slowest runners on the team because I have a bad leg. One day my team gave me the flag and they wanted me to lead the during the OC. I did not want to do it but when I sat back and looked at it as a whole, it helped me so much because they were all telling me that they were behind me to help me and that we needed to be there for each other as a family. During the summer, you guys are family and you will need each other for support. You will need each other and it is good to look to them but just remember to also look to God as well. Keep up the good work. God bless you all.

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