Italy Won The Clean Award – Finally!

Less than a week left of Boot Camp!!! Commissioning is almost here, the light is at the end of the tunnel!!21 Italy

The team is so thrilled to be nearly done with Boot Camp.  However, the training that they receive here is necessary and they realize that.  They have been learning so many different techniques in their various classes that will enable them to evangelize overseas.  But there is still a lot of training left to be done.  They will continue in drama and music classes this week, perfecting their presentations.  They then begin a new class of Advanced EV (evangelism). This class will teach them how to go up to people, share the Gospel, and answer some difficult questions that people will ask them regarding their faith and the Bible.
The backpacks are now out! Everyone has a hiking backpack on their back with weight in it.  They must wear them every place they go so as to become used to carrying the weight.  Us leaders will also be increasing the weight every day so that by the time we are overseas, the team will be used to the amount that they will be carrying.  We are shaping ourselves into the backpacking team that we need to be in order to evangelize to those in the campgrounds in Greece and Italy.
After getting the Piggy Award three times (every other day), we finally won the Cleanliness Award with a fantastic score of 98!! We are so proud of the team and all of the hard work required to win. Also, this means we get the pool! Everyone is so thrilled to be able to spend their free time swimming and becoming clean themselves rather than cleaning the bathrooms. Also, the team won the Godliness Award (the same night as winning the Clean Award) due to sweeping the Big Top without being asked but willingly using their free time to do so.  I think they understand now that cleanliness is in fact next to Godliness.
Seeing the team go through the process of realizing that if Christ died for us upon a cross then no sacrifice be too great for us to make for Him has been a tremendous encouragement. They grow in unity every day as a team and are quite looking forward to finally reaching Europe where they’ll have many an opportunity to share the Gospel!
“If I had to use one word to describe Boot Camp this year, it would be joy.  God has really given our team the gift of joy and that is what has given us the strength to endure.  Great friends filled with God’s joy makes Boot Camp so much easier.” – Rachel Edney
“Before coming to Boot Camp, I had a little of an idea of what to expect since my brother and father have gone in previous years, though it was almost all bad.  On my first day, I basically hated it.  I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before, and I got a Special Blessing for not eating all my dinner.  BUt since then, after getting used to the schedule, rules, and catching up on sleep, I’ve actually come to enjoy it.  Memorizing verses is fairly easy, and it’s super encouraging.  Morning devotions are wonderful and keeps you focused on God.  And the Obstacle Course is so much fun.  My team is awesome and I never knew I could have so much fun cleaning the bathrooms so often.  But mostly I’m excited for Italy.” – Christian Bland
“When I first got here, everything was bearable… except for the homesickness.  When I finally opened up to my leaders about it, I felt relieved and they encouraged me and expressed their love for me by praying with me and suggesting uplifting passages of Scripture for me to read.  I was reminded that with Christ on my side, I can overcome anything and rest assured that all is in His hands.” – Makenzie Chastain
“Boot Camp is just as good as, if not better, than last year.  I’m having so much fun helping out the Preteens over the wall.  Can’t wait to be back to Italy in just a week.” -Ryan Vance




  1. so happy for you shad— you guys are doing great— love you nan

  2. Glad to hear the team is doing well! Praying for you all, especially Caroline M!

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